Real-world data training for real-world data impact

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27 Nov 2019
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8 April 2020, 2:00 PM UTC - 

8 April 2020, 11:00 PM UTC -

The objective of this meeting is to gather practitioners involved in education and training on handling research data, from Data Science to Research Data Management to discuss activities, community initiatives and projects and how they might benefit from coordination and cooperation.

Contributing to the RDA15 Plenary theme “Data for real-world impact”, the meeting addresses the importance of pragmatic training in handling research data for real-world results in reducing the barriers to sharing research data.  

  • Practical appreciation of appropriate audiences, required competencies, and education & training goals
  • Building from and improving on available resources
  • Implementing proven pedagogy and andragogy
  • Engaging citizens, students, and researchers in the creation of knowledge and betterment of society through appropriate data handling. Building the data user and communicator community.
Meeting agenda: 

NEW! Virtual Meeting agenda:

Pre-recorded presentations - Please view these in order to prepare for the virtual sessions:

Virtual sessions: 8Apr, 2pm & 11pm UTC (not all presenters will be available for both sessions)

Please note that these sessions will be recorded. Your participation in the session is permission to record.

2:00 pm UTC - 3:30 pm UTC: Check the event time in your time zone
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11:00 pm UTC - 12:30 am UTC: Check the event in your time zone
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  • Brief introduction

  • Presenters will answer questions from video comments

  • Presenters will answer questions from virtual attendees

  • Group discussion and steps forward on previously identified action areas

  • Any other business

Old, in-person meeting agenda:

  1. Welcome and agenda. 2 min.
  2. Introduction of new chair, other group administrative business. Current group projects & collaborations - 5 min
    1. FAIR cookbook sprint. What’s been done, what needs to be done. (work leader or designee) - 3 min
    2. Education resources. What’s been done, what needs to be done. (Data Management Training Clearinghouse - Bill Michener) - 3 min
  3. Overview and presentation of key initiatives and projects among RDA community 
    1. Summary and next steps of the Terms4FAIRskills terminology workshop - (Angus Whyte, DDC) - 3 min 
    2. Diversity in training materials: Language, please! - (Katarzyna Biernacka, HU) - 5 min
    3. Japan Consortium for Open Access Repository - (Mao Tsunekawa, NII RCOS) - 5 min
    4. ARDC education/training efforts/challenges (Liz Stokes, ARDC) - 5 min
  4. Audience contributions - 15 min 
  5. Attendee brief introductions. TBD.
  6. Train the Trainer vs Train the Researcher: Establish activities, identify volunteers and resources, including recommendations from presentations and audience - Discussion 30 min
  7. Summary and next steps and assignments - at least 5 min.
Target Audience: 

 This meeting will be of benefit to: 

  • those directly involved in teaching and training data skills,
  • policy developers working on increasing capacity and enabling data skills,
  • projects and initiatives focused on data related skills development
  • funders with similar requirements,
  • librarians working with research data,
  • representatives from Higher Education Institutes.

Attendees can prepare by:

  • Reviewing ETHRD-IG group site and wiki 
  • Reviewing notes and presentations from past meeting(s), which can be found linked in the wiki
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The IG-ETHRD provides a venue for exchanging information about existing developments and initiatives related to education and training on research data handling. The IG scope includes creation of taxonomies of the competences and skills required by different groups of data specialists/professionals that will provide a basis for recognition of new professions in the data field and for defining required educational elements and training curricula.

This meeting will focus on the commonly recognised demand for data management, data literacy and analytics skills in most research domains and industry. Providing necessary education and training is critical to uncovering the benefits of Open Data, realising the potential of data-driven research, and increasing the efficiency and impact of all modes of research.

In this session we will be building upon past work of the IG to refocus its goals within the current context of the data professional education environment and reinvigorating activity around the work of the IG in ways that will benefit existing initiatives (e.g., FAIR data, European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), Digital Skills for Europe) and uncover new initiatives, ripe for synergistic contributions. The goal is to address data science and research data handling education and training by facilitating information exchange and cooperation between efforts around the world that are supporting the education of data professionals and training of those handling research data.

Short Group Status: 

The ETHRD-IG has long standing, having started in...2013! Through this time we have been a populous group with a variety of interests, supporting work in multiple areas. We remain an open group, welcome to new-comers and old-timers, as the work of education and training is never done. Our recent initiatives include:

  • Sprint for producing a cookbook for hosting FAIR events, e.g., FAIR and open science policies, data management to help people to organize FAIR training
  • Reviewing education and training materials collection and description efforts, e.g., ESIP Data Management Training Clearinghouse, to consider enhancement and broader communication.
Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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