Ten recommendations for data repositories/catalogues to improve data discoverability

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09 Jun 2023
Group(s) submitting the application: 
Meeting agenda: 
Target Audience: 
  • Researchers who conduct user studies for understanding more about an individual’s data discovery process 

  • Data managers/providers who are responsible in describing data and making data findable

  • Data managers to investigate whether any user studies or evaluation method could be applied to their data repository/catalogue 

  • Attendees with some prior preparation or insights for their institutional / personal data discovery approaches would benefit more during the group discussion parts of the session.

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The objective of this IG is to provide a forum where representatives from across the spectrum of stakeholders and roles pertaining to data discovery can work together to identify, study and make recommendations concerning issues related to improving data discovery. The goal is to produce concrete deliverables that will be recognised and valued by the research and data communities.

This group was officially endorsed at RDA P9. The group has worked on the following task forces, namely:

  1. User studies in data discovery (ongoing)

  2. Data/Metadata granularity (ongoing, a BoF has been submitted)

  3. Using schema.org for research dataset discovery (This task force has spun off to the Research Metadata Schemas Working Group, which was endorsed in Sept. 2019).

  4. Task forces from the group:

    1. Relevancy ranking (completed)

    2. Use cases, prototyping tools and test collections (completed)

    3. Best practice for making data findable (completed)

    4. Metadata enrichment (closed)

    5. Data granularity (became a WG, in progress)

    6. Publish structured metadata (became the Research Data Schemas WG, completed)

    7. User study of data discovery context and search behaviour (in progress)

Short Group Status: 

The DDPIG has been established and endorsed as an IG during P9. The group started with four task forces around target data discovery topics soon after P9. All task forces actively explored their topics, and reported progress and outputs at consequent plenaries. At P11, the first three task forces were officially closed, and a discussion on new Task Forces took place, focusing during P12 primarily on Schema.org and Data Granularity. After P13, a case statement for a Research Schemas WG was submitted, the case statement was endorsed in Sept. 2019, just before P14.  

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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Meeting presenters: 
DDPIG Co-chairs + Volunteers for leading the discussion and breakout sessions