Researchers’ engagement with data management: from cookbook to toolkit

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11 Jun 2023
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This meeting will provide an update on the work of the Engaging Researchers with Data Interest Group, discuss a strategy for further collection of researcher engagement case studies, and establish the group’s plans and priorities for future deliverables.

Many research institutions worldwide have implemented initiatives to effectively engage with their research communities about research data. However, often knowledge of these activities only reaches outside the institution through personal networks or occasional conference talks. Our group addresses these problems by providing a network facilitating discussions and exchanging and disseminating good practice. This network will focus on how to effectively engage with researchers about research data and developing resources to help research organisations increase their researcher engagement, such as “Engaging Researchers with Data Management: The Cookbook”.

During our P21 meeting, there will be an initial overview of the work done so far by the group, including the collection of case studies since the publication of the Cookbook; the completion of the first season of a podcast on improving data engagement and advocacy; and progress on the toolkit for online engagement. We will also discuss plans for further case study collection, including gaps in coverage and following up on initiatives in the Cookbook. Finally, we will brainstorm previous, current and new suggestions for group activities and establish priorities and task forces for our next deliverables.

Meeting agenda: 
  • Welcome (5 min)
  • Overview of current activities (20 min)
    • Case studies
    • Podcast
    • Toolkit for online engagement
  • Working meeting: future case study collection (30 mins)
  • Working meeting: group priorities and deliverable strategy (30 mins)
  • Closing remarks (5min)
Target Audience: 

This session is relevant to anyone supporting research data management at their institution. This meeting will provide an overview of work to date, but will also brainstorm case study collection and group priorities; a variety of stakeholders will be critical to these discussions. Please consider attending if you are a:

  • Librarian, data manager, data steward, or archivist—to discuss ways of exchanging best practices and discuss gaps in resources.
  • Researcher or student who wants to change practices among their peers—to discuss gaps or hurdles that prevent you from engaging with research data management or share success stories.
  • Information and Communication Technology support role—to discuss how you can support researcher engagement at your institution.
  • Institutional leadership, legal, administrative or financial role—to discuss how you can support researchers and encourage an environment of research data management at your institution.
  • Funder, policy maker, publisher or member of the commercial sector—to share expectations of how researcher engagement with research data management fulfils policy and commercial goals.
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The Engaging Researchers with Data IG facilitates the exchange of best practice and innovative methods around engaging researchers with research data. The group originated from a working group under the Libraries for Research Data IG that collected case studies on how institutions effectively engage researchers with data. This project resulted in the publication ‘Engaging Researchers with Research Data: The Cookbook’ in late 2019; this IG was formally established in 2020 as a continuation of this work.

Short Group Status: 

The Engaging Researchers with Data IG originated from the project Researcher Engagement With Data Management – What Works? and has met regularly since endorsement in April 2020:

The group has been gathering further case studies on virtual engagement of researchers with data, to be showcased via a toolkit for online engagement and a podcast series. A follow-up on case studies from the Cookbook is also planned.

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Working meeting
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