Introducing the reestablished Reproducibility IG

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02 Jun 2023
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This is a working meeting to decide with the community on the ground rules for the reestablished Reproducibility IG. The goal is to clarify scope (computational reproducibility), to review the new charter, to solicit community input on priorities and activities, and proceed with the work of the IG per the new charter.   

Meeting agenda: 
  • Presentation on the history and re-establishment of the Reproducibility IG and the new charter (20 minutes)
  • Panel representatives from RDA groups give a brief overview of their work which touches on reproducibility (30 minutes)
  • Community input: IG activities and topics proposed by the audience (20 minutes)
  • Discussion on future of IG priorities and activities (20 minutes)
Target Audience: 

Groups and individuals that have an interest in or focus on reproducibility.

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

RDA has a historical Interest Group on Reproducibility that was active primarily between 2014-2016 and led by Bernard Schutz and Victoria Stodden. The charge of the original group is “to advance and enable reproducibility in research based on or producing datasets. Our goals are to provide community based recommendations and infrastructure solutions, doing so in coordination with the other RDA Working and Interest Groups where appropriate.” The group primarily focused on efforts around the computational infrastructure necessary for reproducible research. 

In recent years, several efforts at RDA addressed various aspects of reproducibility, including curation (CURE-FAIR WG), software (FAIR4RS WG, Software Source Code IG), infrastructure (Preservation e-Infrastructure IG), discipline-specific requirements (Reproducible Health Data Services WG), and more. These groups have produced recommendations and other outputs and helped shape the conversation about, and the practice of, reproducibility. At the same time, a good number of efforts to advance reproducibility – in terms of technology, infrastructure, policies, guidelines, and education – are taking place outside RDA. 

At the RDA 20th Plenary in March 2023, a discussion was held about reestablishing the Reproducibility IG in a modern incarnation at a session on “Computational Reproducibility: What’s Next for RDA?”. At the meeting, attendees heard about efforts inside and outside RDA and agreed that the historical Reproducibility IG should be reestablished. Per RDA process, the charter needs to be revised, and four interim co-chairs are leading revision which was posted for community review (24 May, 2023 to 24 June, 2023).

Short Group Status: 

The proposal in front of the community is to reestablish the Reproducibility IG and adapt its charter to accommodate recent advancements in this area. The interim co-chairs have drafted a revised charter and it was under community review until June 24, 2023. Members of the historical IG have been contacted to indicate their interest in continuing with the new IG.  

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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Meeting presenters: 
Lauren Cadwallader, Mandy Gooch, Tom Honeyman, Limor Peer & invited representatives from other RDA groups