‘A Decade of Data’: Celebrating 10 Years of the Research Data Alliance

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30 September 2022 5688 reads


In 2023 the Research Data Alliance will celebrate its 10th Anniversary. We’re excited to commemorate this important milestone with our community by organising a series of international and regional events and activities that meet the following objectives:

1. To reflect on the past, present and future of the RDA

2. To reinforce our mission, vision and guiding principles

3. To recognise our community members, partners and funders

4. To celebrate the community’s successes with the wider research data community. 


10 months to celebrate 10 years of the RDA

Each month of 2023, from February to November, will be dedicated to a specific theme related to research data management of relevance to the RDA community. The RDA Secretariat and regional bodies are organising various thematic events and activities (e.g., webinars, workshops and podcasts) to meet the objectives detailed above. 


Month 2023



        FAIR data, software and hardware


        A Decade of Data: The RDA’s 20th Plenary meeting


        Health and medical data 


        Metadata and technical infrastructure 


        Agriculture and environmental data 


        Research data policy 


        Disciplinary data 


        Sustainable development and responsible research 


        International Data Week - A Festival of Data 


        Research data management support and education 




Thematic Community Cross-fertilisation workshops 

Aligned with the 10th Anniversary schedule, a virtual workshop will take place each month to bring RDA Working groups, Interest groups and Communities of Practice with a similar focus together to discuss the future of the research data management themes within the RDA community over the next five years. Read more about how you can get involved in the workshops.

We welcome your contribution

We welcome the RDA community and wider research data management community to contribute to our 10th anniversary celebrations. 


RDA community members and group chairs 

Community members and group chairs can organise events and activities with or without the support of the RDA Secretariat.

The Secretariat may be able to offer support by:

  • Creating an event/activity landing page on the RDA website

  • Setting up event/activity registration

  • Sending event/activity reminders 

  • Providing access to the RDA Zoom account & recording

  • Providing access to the RDA Mentimeter account


Non-members (external research data management community)

Organisations may elect to organise their own event/activity within a particular month to leverage the enthusiasm and expertise of the global RDA community. Events/activities organised by non-members will be promoted as part of the RDA’s 10th Anniversary in all the RDA communication channels. 


Submit an event/activity proposal

If you or your colleagues would like to organise an event or activity during one or more of the thematic months detailed above, please complete this form

The Secretariat will review all submissions and send out notifications of acceptance. Acceptance criteria will be based on the relevance of the event/activity to the monthly theme and the monthly capacity. 

Once the details of your event/activity are confirmed, your event will be promoted as part of the 10th Anniversary in all the RDA communication channels.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions about the RDA’s 10th Anniversary schedule, please contact our Community Development Manager, Connie Clare (connie.clare@rda-foundation.org). 


The RDA’s 10th Anniversary schedule, including details of upcoming events and activities and how to register, will be published online at the beginning of 2023. Watch this space!