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19 Dec 2022

Pedro Mendes


Pedro Mendes is an assistant professor at Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal). His research aims primarily at 1) understanding how catalysts work via mathematical models (catalysis informatics) an 2) designing sustainable processes by combining key knowledge at all scales (multi-scale modelling).


He enjoys collaborative work with other scientists (e.g. he founded the Young European Catalysis Network) and taking part in initiatives aiming at transforming academia, like this ambassadorship.



Chemical Engineering, in particular Catalysis, can design a new circular economy based on powerful scientific models. While Open Science Tools for using data are being developed (catalysis informatics), data sharing is incipient and significant community level activities do not exist. My main goal is to break the ground and make data sharing a community practice. This will be achieved by:

  • (i) raising awareness on open science and FAIR data among young researchers and established researchers;
  • (ii) developing key guidelines for FAIR data sharing in catalysis;
  • (iii) setting the ground for a data sharing framework in catalysis. 


Domain specific Engagement

Moderation of the “Chemistry Europe Data Day” organized by ChemistryOpen journal (of Wiley-VCH) on 18/10/2022. The discussion of the current open science practices in chemistry led to concrete actions on how to further promote data and knowledge sharing within our community. Widespread use of electronic laboratory notebooks is deemed to be central.


Promotion and Networking



  • Catalyzed the first community curator in Chemistry/Catalysis at (Daniel Costa, PhD student at Técnico) 
  • Co-developed the presentation of RDA/EOSC ambassadors at ACUM2022 (

Connection to RDA WG/IG or CoP

Pedro is co-developing the RDA disciplinary page on chemistry. Interested in telling your open data story regarding your chemical data? Reach Pedro via

He is active in the following WG/IG: 


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