Participation in DDI-CDI (Cross Domain Integration) Workshop at Dagstuhl, 24-29 Sept 2023

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02 Jun 2023

Participation in DDI-CDI (Cross Domain Integration) Workshop at Dagstuhl, 24-29 Sept 2023

The DDI-CODATA ‘Dagstuhl Organisers Group’ (see below) is organising a workshop at Schloss Dagstuhl on Sept 24-29, 2023, in Wadern, Germany with a focus on DDI-CDI and its implementation. While the workshop is strictly limited for space, a small number of seats are available and we would welcome participation from interested individuals. The topics under consideration are listed below.

The workshop will include the members of the current DDI-CDI Working Group, but will also include outside experts. If you are implementing DDI-CDI or wish to learn more about it by being involved in a working group on the proposed topics, and want to attend the workshop, please send an expression of interest along with any questions to Arofan Gregory, chair of the DDI-CDI Working Group ( We would appreciate a short statement of your background in working with metadata standards and data systems, and of your interest in DDI-CDI. We will prioritize those applicants who make a strong case for their contribution to the listed topics and indicate an interest in ongoing participation in the DDI-CDI WG.

Please contact us by 9 June, with the above information if you are interested in participating.

Some general information about the costs and the venue are given below.

Practical Information

The workshop will be an in-person event, lasting for the entire week. Total numbers will be 25 people.  Schloss Dagstuhl is an immersive environment, and it is requested that participants be available for the entire week.

Please consult the Dagstuhl COVID-19 policy

Travel and Accommodation Costs

Accommodation and subsistence costs at Dagstuhl are subsidized and very reasonably priced (420 € for the week).  It will be the responsibility of applicants to fund their participation.

The Organisers: Simon Cox, Arofan Gregory, Simon Hodson, Steve McEachern, Hilde Orten, Joachim Wackerow. 

Topics for the CDI workshop

  • Implementation guides 

    • UKDA

    • Sikt processing

    • Syntax representations

  • Syntax representations, especially Python, GraphQL – UCMIS level

  • Relationships to other standards including mapping

    • High-level with SKOS approaches

    • Low-level with mapping languages (could also work for syntax representations)

  • Positioning of CDI – framing, getting responses from participants

    • CDI in relationship to ontologies (description of real objects), to other metadata specifications (description of artifacts which can describe real objects)

  • Variable relationships

  • Non-numeric, non-code datums like images, audio, text … (segments)