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Recommendations & Outputs Catalogue

RDA Outputs are the technical and social infrastructure solutions developed by RDA Working Groups or Interest Groups that enable data sharing, exchange, and interoperability.

These Outputs have an important impact in two areas: solving problems, and incorporation and/or adoption in infrastructure environments by individuals, projects and organisations. As an organisation, RDA’s goal is to expand awareness and adoption of these Outputs, and hence their impact, within all regions of the world. RDA Outputs are products of the respective Working or Interest Group and should be demonstrably developed and endorsed by the group. Each Output should have the respective Working or Interest Group listed as an author where appropriate.

RDA Outputs are classified as RDA Recommendations (official, endorsed results of RDA Groups), Supporting Outputs (useful solutions from our RDA Working and Interest Groups) or other Outputs – more information can be found at are all listed below and can be searched according to their focus, scientific domain, or by status using the filters on the right. Filters can be combined, too (if more than one filter is selected, results sum up).

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Other Output
Building infrastructure through strategies of interconnection
Review Status: Not Endorsed
Authors: Francoise Genova
RDA Council Strategy Subcommittee – (27 August 2016) Building infrastructure through strategies of interconnection (not an architecture) RDA seeks to create a data infrastructure that enables researchers and innovators to easily share data across cultures, scales, and technologies to address the grand challenges of society. We envision this infrastructure as a vast interconnection of computing…
August 27, 2016
Other Output
Report prepared at Plenary 3
Review Status: Not Endorsed
Authors: Chris Morris
June 9, 2016