Open working session of the Global Water Information Interest Group

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27 Jun 2019
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Meeting objectives: 

The group will use the meeting in Helsinki to provide an update to all members on recent progress, and to collate thoughts for input to other RDA groups, at this plenary and in future.

Specifically we will discuss interactions with the SDG group meeting in Helsinki, and how our survey of global water data availability will provide input to improve water data access in relation to SDGs. We will review progress and plan for this survey. We will also discuss engagement with the Data Discovery Paradigms activity on for scientific datasets. This is of great interest to other water-data focussed work being undertaken within the OGC HydroDWG, and specifically the SELF.IE initiative:

Meeting agenda: 


Collaborative session notes 


Brief resume of group activities (including previous RDA plenary meeting) (Matt Fry / Ilya Zaslavsky, GWIIG co-chairs)

Summary of work on Water Data Portals, and extending this to survey Water Data Portals providing data for Africa (Ilaya Zaslavsky, Matt Fry, GWIIG co-chairs)

Summary of OGC HydroDWG work, including SELF.IE, and interactions with group and requirements within SELF.IE

Potential engagement with other RDA groups: soils, oceans, etc., and plan for activities.

Target Audience: 

The meeting is open to anyone with an interest in water data, in particular the above topics. In preparation for the discussions please bring, in particular, any examples of data discovery approaches, water data portals for African / global data. Please also bring along new ideas for the group to consider.

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Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The Global Water Information Interest Group (GWIIG) enables communication among RDA WGs and IGs focused on both technical eInfrastructure aspects (e.g. brokering; metadata and catalogs, dynamic data citation) and on related research domains (e.g. geosciences, agriculture, biodiversity) that are pertinent to water and water data. The group also provides a coordination mechanism across a wide group of water information stakeholders, in particular those not previously involved in the efforts of the active OGC/WMO Hydrology group on water data standardization. Recent and current areas of interest are: 
• Dynamic data citation in water
• Vocabularies in water, particularly for freshwater quality measurements
• Water data discovery and water data portals
• Water data rescue

Short Group Status: 

The group is mature, meets regularly and has ongoing interactions with other initiatives, most notably the OGC HydroDWG. The group has tested and implemented solutions from other RDA groups, e.g. dynamic data citation recommendations, data discovery paradigms research data discovery recommendations. We are very keen to provide domain focussed use cases for other technical working groups to test outputs against, and also to engage with related domain groups, e.g. soils, oceans, etc.

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Working meeting
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