Open Science Commons Interest Group & Working Group

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27 Jun 2019

Open Science Commons Interest Group & Working Group

Submitted by Simon Hodson

Meeting objectives: 

The proposed Interest Group stems from activities and outcomes in three prior BoF sessions on this topic. This session aims specifically to:

  • Launch the new Interest Group 
  • Introduce participants to the concept of Open Science Commons - what they are and aren’t 
  • Brainstorm ideas and inputs for the initial Working Group(s)
  • Solicit broader inputs and membership from relevant initiatives and stakeholders globally
Meeting agenda: 

Collaboration session notes 


The session will be a mix of presentation and facilitated plenary discussion. Presentations will offer a grounding in the topic and recent developments, outline Working Group plans, and gather feedback and inputs to help progress work.


Introductory grounding (15 mins) Sarah & Corina

  • Definitions and examples of Open Science Commons
  • The remit of the new Interest Group 
  • Report from the CODATA conference session in Beijing

Initiating the Working Group (60 mins) Andrew & Mark

  • Proposals for initial pilot cases
  • How to coordinate / synchronise topics
  • Volunteers for pilots and WG chairs

Shaping the OSC agenda and global collaboration (15 mins) Juan

  • Discussion on the overall mandate / mission and how to steer this via the IG
  • Mapping out a potential timeline and intersections with related WGs and initiatives
Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
Short introduction describing any previous activities: 

The Open Science Commons IG and WG will coordinate global activity on the development of open science platforms. The Interest Group will hold the overall mission and define key activities for development through working groups. It will also socialise the community to the concept and value of such work. The first working group will define a typology for data commons and identify a few areas where we can productively work together in short projects.

BoF applicant serving as contact person: 
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