Open Call for RDA Working Group Facilitation Support

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June 2023

This open call is seeking applications from existing or potential Research Data Alliance (RDA) Working Groups (WGs) that wish to receive RDA TIGER in-kind facilitation support for their WG activities. The call will be  continuously open and has four selection rounds per year. Each round has a deadline by which the applications have to be submitted in order to be reviewed. 

The deadline for applications for this selection round is Thursday 31 August 2023, 16:00 CEST. Up to four RDA WGs will be selected in this round. 

All RDA WGs or potential RDA WGs that apply to receive support should meet the eligibility criteria set out below and will be evaluated by a selection committee. This includes existing WGs that have established processes and membership, as well as new WGs requiring support to kickstart their activity. The RDA WGs supported have to run according to the RDA WG processes, procedures and policies.


RDA TIGER is a project funded by the European Commission. It supports RDA Working Groups that concretely align, harmonise and standardise Open Science developments and technologies globally. RDA TIGER services will facilitate and support coherent and consistent working group definitions and increase the impact of key European initiatives on the global level. More information can be found on the RDA website.

Application process

One person should apply on behalf of the whole WG. The applicant should be a nominated or current co-chair or a member leading the WG activity that has support of the group.

Applicants need to: download, complete and return the accompanying Word file (found in the 'attachments' section at the bottom of this page) to email address:

The application template includes the information described below (please adhere to indicated word limits).

1. Details

Name, affiliation, email address, country where you are based, description of your involvement in RDA, indication whether your application is new or resubmitted.

2. Abstract

Clearly outline the purpose of the existing or proposed WG and describe its planned outputs (maximum 200 words).

3. International connectivity

RDA WGs are expected to have broad international membership, including European and non-European individuals. Please provide details on the current membership and leadership (co-chairs) of the WG (maximum 200 words).

4. Impact (#1): EOSC and Open Science Connectivity

Describe the expected WG outputs' connections to one or more of the following areas (maximum 500 words):

  • Supporting Open Science principles (for example the FAIR principles or other similar initiatives);
  • Strategic goals outlined in the RDA’s current strategic plan, and/or
  • The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), i.e.,  the WG is expected to create output(s) that have a clear connection to EOSC. This may include internationalisation or standardisation of existing EOSC outputs and/or creating new outputs that respond to an EOSC priority.

5. Impact (#2)

Describe the WG output(s) expected connection to a significant advancement in one or more of the following areas (maximum 500 words):

  • Creating mechanisms and tools for creation, sharing, management and re-use of research outputs (e.g. data, software, publications, workflows, protocols, and methodologies);
  • Facilitating scientific multidisciplinary cooperation;
  • Efficient handling or providing seamless access to large volumes of research outputs;
  • Increasing FAIRness, openness and quality of scientific research in Europe and globally;
  • Creating meaningful monitoring and research evaluation mechanisms, enabling better reproducibility, validation and re-use of research outputs, or improving pathways for communication of science to the public.

6. Implementation

Explain how the work plan of the WG  will meet its aims and objectives and deliver its outputs. This can include any information on the past activities in RDA of the applicant members (e.g. RDA, EOSC, Open Science expertise). Detail if the WG will cover major European and non-European initiatives and include experts relevant to the output creation (maximum 400 words)


What support can RDA TIGER provide for RDA Working Groups via this call?

  • Support for WG co-chair tasks and activities  (e.g., facilitation, administrative, logistical)

  • WG Case Statement and work plan creation for not-yet created groups*

  • Liaison with the RDA’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) for not-yet created groups 

  • Increased WG engagement (e.g., identification and engagement of potential members and co-chairs )

  • Support for finalising outputs and related ongoing maintenance activities via the RDA TIGER Facilitation service which supports the ‘last mile’ of WG output creation (note: this does NOT refer to creating outputs which is a responsibility of WG co-chairs).

*For more information on creating an RDA WG see this page.

Is there a closing date?

There is no formal closing date for this call. The call will be open continuously during the life of RDA TIGER, however, there are selection rounds whereby the Selection Committee reviews and selects four WGs to be supported.. While the call remains open, we recommend that applicants check the selection round deadlines noted above when planning their application for support, particularly  if their requirements relate to RDA Plenary deadlines.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying WGs?

Applications should come from individuals on behalf of an existing or potential WG. Applications can come from any member of the WG regardless of the country where they are based. Individuals from the RDA TIGER consortium can be members of an RDA WG but cannot actively apply for RDA TIGER support.  

RDA community members that apply should highlight that they have (i) a concrete idea for a WG, and (ii) community support. For example, members may have held a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session at an RDA Plenary and have decided to proceed with the creation of a WG, or may be in the initial stages of establishing a WG. If you are unsure of whether you qualify to receive support from RDA TIGER please contact


How will the applications be selected and evaluated?

Applications for support will be evaluated by the RDA Selection Committee panel. The panel will ensure there are no conflicts of interest and a fair selection process The Selection Committee is a group of people from the RDA TIGER consortium, EOSC Association and the RDA Governance (TAB and Secretariat). All evaluation activities will be conducted in line with the Guiding Principles of the RDA.


To be eligible, all WGs have to have an international component in their membership. The following criteria and weighting will be used to fairly and transparently evaluate the applications. 



Weighting as a percentage

Excellence (OS)

EOSC and OS connectivity or RDA Strategy


Excellence (Impact)

Impact on the OS landscape 



Implementation and international Connectivity 


What is the process for RDA TIGER Open calls?

RDA TIGER intends to have a series of ongoing calls, open throughout the lifetime of the RDA TIGER project. Working Groups will be able to apply at any point in time. Applications will be reviewed at four stages each year by the Selection Committee, and outcomes will be communicated to applicants within a month of the Selection Committee meeting. The start date is expected in July, depending on the needs of successful applicants.

The four call selection round deadlines are:  

  • 31 May 2023, 2024, 2025 
  • 31 August 2023, 2024, 2025 
  • 30 November 2023, 2024 
  • 27 February, 2024, 2025

How many Groups will be supported through this first evaluation period?

Up to four RDA WGs will be selected  to receive RDA TIGER in-kind facilitation support during the first selection round (deadline 31 May 2023). 

Will there be more RDA TIGER open calls?


This call is about providing in-kind support for the RDA WGs which include hands-on facilitation. There will be additional RDA TIGER calls for different types of support mechanisms in the coming months.  If you are a recipient of support during this call you are still eligible for receiving other RDA TIGER grants. 

RDA TIGER is still in its pilot testing phase and not all the services are expected to be fully functioning until early 2024. 

Can WG apply for further RDA TIGER calls?

Yes. RDA WGs are eligible to apply for further types of RDA Support Grants in the future.

I have more questions. How can I contact the RDA TIGER team? 

You can contact us at


The decision of the Selection Committee on any specific application to a given round is final.  Groups can re-apply if an application has not been successful. If your application is a resubmission, this must be clearly indicated.

Informational Webinar

If you missed the RDA TIGER Open Call informational webinar you can catch up with the recording below: 

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the RDA TIGER project, the Facilitation Support Service or any of the other services on offer by the project please contact us at