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The University of Strasbourg ( fosters innovation and positions itself for future excellence in education and research. Our projects are fueled by our determination to achieve international prominence and to assert our position as a research leader. We are also committed to enhancing our curriculum and implementing facilities which will provide our students with the best possible learning environment. The University of Strasbourg is a major institution of national, European and international repute, with some 52,000 students, top-level teaching and research programmes. It is one of the top 5 requested destinations and 20% of its students come from overseas, representing 80 nationalities. The University of Strasbourg is a multidisciplinary university and one of only 4 sites in France awarded a long-term Excellence Initiative (IdEx). With its 35 components, 78 laboratories and research units, it is distinguished by the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature of its training offer. The University of Strasbourg stands out for its teaching programme for and by research, conducted by 2,800 teacher-researchers (including five active Nobel Prize winners) who are at the forefront of their fields. Students therefore receive an education based on the latest scientific advances. Due to its geographical location and its shared history with its neighbour across the Rhine, the university is based on a dual Franco-German culture. 
It is one of the 194 members institutions of the Franco-German university, created in 1997. In February 2019, the universities of Eucor – The European Campus adopted a joint strategic plan for research, teaching and innovation. 
As one of the founder member of The League of European Research Universities it is also a major European university playing a leading role in the European landscape of higher education and research. 


The University of Strasbourg & RDA

The University of Strasbourg has committed itself to the path of open science and has voted an ambitious policy with the obligation to open its publications in its institutional open archive (, the creation of a data warehouse, a wide variety of training courses in open science, a willingness to rethink the evaluation of research, an ambitious policy of dissemination and co-construction of science in the open science paradigm. Several members of the University of Strasbourg are already very active in the RDA and the University of Strasbourg has decided to rely very heavily on the RDA to develop the opening of its research data.

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