Université Paris Nanterre

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Université Paris Nanterre

Paris Nanterre University (French: Université Paris Nanterre), formerly Paris-X and commonly referred to as Nanterre, is a public research university based in Nanterre, France. From its very creation in the 1960s, Paris Nanterre University has dedicated itself to being a new type of institution of higher education. An institution of learning and research whose defining characteristics are its vibrant campus life, educational innovation and scientific research with a social dimension. 

Today Paris Nanterre University has 34,000 students in undergraduate, postgraduate and professional continuing education with more than 20% of the student body from a foreign country. There are over 800 researchers in all disciplines of social and human sciences (law, economics, management, arts, humanities and languages, philosophy, linguistics, information and communication sciences, psychology and education, history, archaeology, anthropology, sociology, geography) as well as in sports sciences and physical education, mathematics, computer science and engineering. Paris Nanterre University is a member of an Association of Higher Education and Research Institutions known as Université Paris Lumières. 

As part of its open science strategy, opening and managing of research data is a core topic for Paris Nanterre University. The University is part of the french national project Recherche data gouv and offers a wide range of services around the management and sharing of research data. It is because of this commitment to supporting research communities on the subject of research data that Paris Nanterre University joins RDA.