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Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica

Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica, is a public institution of higher education that instruct professionals in an integral way, generates and socializes knowledge, with which it contributes to the transformation of society towards higher planes of social well-being, freedom and sustainability; all this through teaching, research, extension and other forms of production, directed primarily to the less favored social sectors. In 2023, it has 20,300 active students studying undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate plans, in one of its 8 faculties that cover various areas of science, humanities and arts. It is present in different regions of the country with 8 campuses, five of them in rural areas. It is a university committed to the practice of open science, with an Open Institutional Data Portal (https://www.datosabiertos.una.ac.cr/), a Journal Portal, all of them under the diamond route (https://www.revistas.una.ac.cr/), an Institutional Academic open Repository (https://repositorio.una.ac.cr/), an Academic Network that contains information on the research work of academic staff (https://redacademica.una.ac.cr/), the Data Repository will be available during 2023 year. For the participation in RDA,  UNA is represented by the Research Vice-Rectory.

The University and the RDA 

Universidad Nacional has been implementing an Open Science path as a knowledge generation perspective since 2016. In 2018 some academics from the Research Vice-Rectory participated in a Data Science School, initiating an approach to CODATA-RDA that paved the way for a relationship with RDA-US and the participation in the organization of the 16th Plenary (Costa Rica, November 2020). This relationship between UNA and RDA served as a reference point for the conformation of the RDA Costa Rica Node by the CONARE Open Knowledge Subcommittee, with the participation of the five public universities of Costa Rica. It also enhances the participation in the RDA Region of the Americas. For UNA, this relationship has meant advancing in the training of researchers in data processing, generating a DMP based on the recommendations of the RDA, as well as opening the possibility of participation in the various WG and IG.

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