TMF – Technology, Methods, and Infrastructure for Networked Medical Research

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TMF – Technology, Methods, and Infrastructure for Networked Medical Research

About TMF 

TMF ( is the umbrella organization, exchange platform, and enabler for cross-project, multi-site collaboration in medical research in Germany. Its main focus is to enable and support researchers, projects and institutions in building reliable, secure, and sustainable data infrastructures for health research. TMF offers a range of solutions and services with the aim of resolving organizational, legal/ethical and technological problems encountered in medical research. Core functions of TMF include running scientific delegate committees (working groups), developing expert opinions, generic concepts (e.g. for implementation of data protection regulation), software applications, practical guidelines, and consulting services. Through the TMF, scientists from various locations and discipline jointly contribute their views to current political debate and processes concerning digitalization in health research and care. TMF also has a role in accompanying different nationwide funding lines, for example the Medical Informatics Initiative Germany (


With its strong focus on facilitating data collection, storing, and access in health research, the TMF provides unique expertise and services in Germany. Via membership in the RDA it seeks to strengthen international exchange and learning.

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