Norwegian centre for Research Data (NSD)

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Norwegian centre for Research Data (NSD)

About NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data

NSD is a national research infrastructure. Although NSD’s academic center of gravity lies in Norwegian Social Science Research, NSD operates in accordance with its multi- and interdisciplinary mandate. Its principal objectives are to ensure free and open access to research data, and improve conditions for performing empirical research by providing an extensive range of data and support services. NSD is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. It has existed since 1971 as a unit attached to the Research Council of Norway, until it was reconstituted as a limited company in 2003. The reason for the change in ownership was to improve NSD’s ability to provide services to the research sector. With wide-ranging and multidisciplinary expertise in the form of almost 100 employees, NSD works to make it easier to find and share research data. 


Data as a common good that should be shared is the very idea on which NSD is based. The principle of open access, equitable treatment and sharing of research data governs all of NSD’s activities. NSD catalogues, processes and disseminates data to research communities in Norway and abroad, and it develops technological tools and solutions. NSD is a national center of expertise on Data Protection and Research Data Management. As a key player in the development of Nordic, European and international research infrastructure NSD will both contribute to and benefit from the work of RDA through our involvement as an organizational member.

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