International COVID-19 Data Alliance (ICODA)

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International COVID-19 Data Alliance (ICODA)

Convened by Health Data Research UK, the national institute for health data in the UK, ICODA is an open and inclusive global collaboration of leading life science, philanthropic and research organisations that have come together to harness the power of health data to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 is the greatest health challenge for a generation. It calls for a globally co-ordinated response that uses all of the tools and technology we have available.

By uniting data, we will enable discoveries that will help treat and prevent COVID-19, as well as co-ordinate an effective global health data response to health challenges of the future.

ICODA convenes and accelerates the work already being undertaken globally, ensuring that health data is accessible in a safe, secure, trusted environment – “The Workbench”.

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