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Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

About the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP is a community steward for global Earth science data professionals and provides a collaborative platform for advancing the usefulness and impact of data necessary to address pressing global environmental challenges and fuel new discoveries. For over 20 years, ESIP has driven its mission to support the networking and data dissemination needs of members and the global Earth science data community by linking the functional sectors of observation, research, application, education and use of Earth science. By encouraging open and FAIR data platforms for the global ecosystem of Earth science data stewards to share resources, ESIP facilitates collaboration and builds connections across federal agencies, academia and the private sector. To learn about ESIP, visit and follow @ESIPfed.


ESIP and RDA share many common community members and interests. ESIP views participation in RDA as a critical link between Earth science data professionals and the broader research data community. We have seen the Earth science domain lead the way on issues like data citation, with ESIP guidelines adopted in 2010. Working with RDA, they received broader exposure and influenced more general guidance. Recently, the work done by RDA and other groups on citation was carried back to ESIP, where our Data Citation Guidelines were revised and republished. Through shared working groups and interest groups, ESIP and RDA move forward a common agenda around Earth, Space and Environmental science, sample documentation, drone data management, agriculture data sharing and many other topics to ensure research data is well-managed and data professionals are an important part of the research lifecycle. Formalizing this partnership through ESIP's participation as an organizational member will ensure ongoing collaboration. We look forward to supporting RDA outputs and seeing them utilized in the Earth science community.  

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