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About CAP Digital Cluster

Cap Digital is a nonprofit organization based in Paris Region and recognized as one of the major European clusters dedicated to the digital industries and to the transformation of the economy.

Cap Digital gathers 750 SMEs, 60 major and mid size corporations, 70 institutions of higher education and research, and 15 capital investment companies.

Cap Digital main objectives are to stimulate collaborative R&D projects at the top of the state of the art, and to accelerate the company’s growth by developing targeted programs and services.

CAP Digital & RDA

The data are one of the main levers for the transformation of the economy and the society. The Cap Digital ecosystem on the data economy gather more than 100 startups and tens of labs. Data are at the heart of numerous R&D projects on e-health, e-education, media, marketing...Cap Digital builds the bridges between the Labs, the startups and the large companies and encourages the involvement in the RD-Alliance groups.

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