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The American University Library ( strives to do one thing – to enable the success of our researchers and students.  As the library of a mid-sized, private, non-profit university, and as a member of the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC), we are strategically positioned to provide three key attributes:  a rich array of resources and materials to our researchers and students, a community network which connects scholars across location and discipline, and expert and personalized guidance through the entire research process.  We do this by facilitating access to information in all formats, whether through our own collections or through the collections of our affiliates, so that our researchers can put their hands on what they need, when they need it.  We teach researchers and students how to locate, assess, and use the information that meets their needs, and we do all this in a welcoming atmosphere – whether physical or virtual – that supports a full range of intellectual endeavors.

The American  University Library & RDA

Academic libraries have long been at the forefront of promoting access to, and interoperability of, digital information assets, and research data is a type of digital information that, while relatively new to them to deal with, equally warrants the support of research libraries. In this area, American University Library seeks to contribute to, and benefit from, the work of the RDA.

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