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American Chemical Society Publications (ACS)

ACS Publications' commitment to publishing high-quality research continues to attract impactful publications from top authors around the globe. As the machinery of science continues to turn, ACS is committed to keeping pace. We continue to expand our offerings and improve our existing resources to help scientists accelerate their research and support their careers. A division of the American Chemical Society, ACS Publications supports researchers through journals, eBooks, scientific programs, and the news magazine Chemical & Engineering News.

As a nonprofit scholarly publisher, ACS Publications offers:

  • Trusted Peer Review — ACS Publications maintains the highest editorial standards, with fast, informed peer review and publication decision-making by prominent editors who are active researchers in the field. Each year, more than 140,000 practicing scientists from around the world trust ACS Publications to rapidly advance their very best research. The peer-review process of ACS journals forms the foundation of this trust, ensuring fair and constructive feedback from leading scholars. Commitment to quality peer review enables ACS to produce a portfolio that generates more citations than portfolios two to three times its size.
  • A Home for Every Type of Research — With a comprehensive portfolio of more than 75 journals, including 12 "gold" completely open access journals, ACS Publications has a home for every variety of research. Improvements to the ACS Manuscript Transfer Service make it easier than ever to resubmit research to another journal within the ACS family.
  • Rapid Publication — Median publishing times are less than two weeks from acceptance to web publication, facilitated by the ACS Publications state-of-the-art digital publishing platform. This brings authors' work rapid exposure and gives the scientific community access to valuable information faster than ever before
  • Broad Global Exposure — Researchers at more than 5,000 institutions in 99 countries have access to ACS Publications. In addition, ACS publishes research from around the globe.

Options for Authors to Share Their Work — In addition to the ACS Open Access initiative, ACS Articles on Request allows authors to share up to 50 free downloads of their published articles. This link is valid for the first 12 months following online publication, and can be shared via email or an author's website.


ACS Publications & RDA

ACS Publications is committed to being the most the most read, most cited, and most trusted publisher in science. As such, ACS is focused on educating authors on best practices for sharing data or including data as part of the publication process, as well as, providing guidance on data expectations when submitting to ACS Publications. For authors, open availability of data makes the related research more trustworthy and funders are increasingly recognizing data as a valuable research output. For readers and researchers, open data better allows researchers to reproduce and compare reported results and greater transparency makes research results and the work of scientists more trustworthy. As a newest member of the RDA, ACS is excited to collaborate and contribute to RDA’s initiatives to improve data sharing.

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