Participant Guidelines for Presenting “Where in the World You Are”

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RDA P18 Networking Social Event,  hosted by RDA-US

November 4, 2021 17:30 - 19:00 UTC/ 1:30 - 3:00 EDT

Join in the Fun, participate in a guessing game.."Where in the World?" presented by your colleagues" and "Name that Tune"...with Robert Hanisch playing the piano"

---An interactive guessing game where we come along for a tour of the hometowns of our colleagues and a special guest appearance by Robert Hanisch who will play the piano so we can guess "Name that Tune---


All P18 Registrants are welcome to attend.  

This is meant to be an interactive, fun way to take us on a journey away from our work location to see where our colleagues live. The presenters are asked not to tell the crowd the location, but instead will present pictures or videos and will provide hints to help the audience guess the location. 

Whether you present at this session or just attend to be a part of the tour, we welcome all to be a part of exploring and guessing "Where in the World is your colleague.".

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Participant Guidelines for Presenting “Where in the World You Are”

Take us on a tour with a 3–5-minute presentation. 

To present, we ask that you take us on a tour showcasing the “Location” (city, town, region) where you work or live and providing hints for the audience to guess “Where in the World you are”.  The event will be held on a Zoom call and the goal is to present visuals and verbal hints to keep the audience guessing.   

Guidelines for presenting are as follows:

  1. You may present your location however you wish - BUT, please do not name or show the name of the location. Some examples may be to share a pre-recorded video or show slides with pictures of the location to give visual clues. Or you might take your camera outside during the call for a live demonstration of the location. The goal again is to provide the audience with enough visuals and verbal hints to enable them to guess where you are. 
  2. We suggest 3 to 5 minutes to share your visuals and provide hints that may be unique to your location.  You want people to guess where you are.  When you conclude, ask the crowd to put their guesses into the chat.  
  3. Close out your presentation by asking the audience to get up out of their chairs, and take 1 minute to look around the area where they are, and find something that they think reflects the location you presented. Ask people to share what they selected.
  4. Fill out this form below if you will be presenting.  This is for our scheduling purposes.  

Please list the name of the location you will be presenting