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30 Nov 2021

FAIR Principles for Research Hardware

Pending submission

Software and hardware have been an integral part of scientific research and are increasingly recog­nized in academic journals and conferences that often encourage their dissemination upon publication. Open Harware is defined as a ”physical artifact, either electrical or mechanical, whose design information is avail­able to, and usable by, the public in a way that allows anyone to make, modify, distribute, and use” it. It  can refer to a wide range of objects such as computers, scientific instruments, 3D printed furniture, physical constructions, and robots.

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05 Aug 2021

National PID Strategies WG

In Council review
Secretariat Liaison: 
Stefanie Kethers
TAB Liaison: 
Jeremy Geelen

The existing RDA WGs and IGs linked to PIDs tend to focus on technical challenges, updates from specific PID providers on their activities and the state of the art, or on discipline-specific needs or challenges. The National PID Strategies WG would explore how PIDs form part of national policy implementation frameworks.

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