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21 Dec 2020

Sensitive Data Interest Group

In Group Revisions
Secretariat Liaison: 
Stefanie Kethers
TAB Liaison: 
Frankie Stevens

Sensitive data is increasingly used for research purposes. However, there are a number of barriers which need to be overcome before sensitive data can be fully operationalized in the research context. Chief among these is that not all sensitive data is alike, with significant disciplinary variation in how sensitive data is defined, linked, managed, stored, and reused. Additionally, common approaches to data optimization are not always appropriate for sensitive data, such as the relationship between the FAIR and CARE principles for data management. Nonetheless, sensitive data has significant

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20 Oct 2020

Data Granularity WG

In Council review

The efficient and effective reuse of data requires that users, be they humans or machines, be able to find and access data at fine levels of granularity. The Data Granularity Working Group aims to better understand and address the existing needs and landscape for data granularity practices, in areas such as data product collection, description, access, and citation, amongst others.  It will do so by both leveraging existing RDA work related to granularity and gathering new information.

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