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12 Jun 2017

Call for Suggestions and Contributions on Implementing the FAIR Data Principles: EC Expert Group on Turning FAIR Data into Reality

The announcement below may be of interest to this group, particularly in light of the questions regarding the EC's approach to FAIR Data Management Plans


05 Jun 2017

Open AIRE requests feedback on Horizon 2020 template for Data Management plans

FYI  see call for feedback forwarded from CODATA for OpenAIRE on horizon 2020 template for Data Management Plans

The message below is sent on behalf of colleagues from Open Aire and may be of interest to members of the CODATA International community in Europe and beyond:

Dear colleagues,

The OpenAIRE project is collecting feedback on the Horizon 2020 template for Data Management Plans. Please complete the survey at:  

30 May 2017

Active DMP WG Exposing plans - notes from first call

Dear all,
Thank you to all who took part in a productive kick-off discussion last Friday. There were 10 of us, a decent turnout considering the timing. You can find the notes of the discussion in the google doc here (to which participants are welcome to add).
All were interested in contributing in some way to our draft case statement. Fiona has now spliced up our previous text and inserted it under the headings RDA ask for. So please go ahead – it’s ready for your edits .

26 May 2017

Re: [rda-datamanagplans] Active DMP WG Exposing plans - first call starting at 5pm CEST

For the call starting in about 30 mins (call details below) please use the google doc below for meeting notes.
Anyone who can’t join the call is very welcome to add notes to this. If you do, please introduce yourself and the work you would like to see done under the ‘exposing dmp’s heading.
Thanks and hope to speak soon!

24 May 2017

Active DMP WG Exposing plans - first call Friday 26 May 5pm CEST

Dear all,
Following up from the RDA Plenary 9 meeting of the Interest Group, the first meeting of the planned WG on Exposing Plans is scheduled for *this Friday 26th at 5pm CEST*. The planned agenda is as follows:
- Introductions
- Scope and aims of the WG
- Plan for working up the draft case statement to meet RDA requirements (stated here).

24 Apr 2017

Draft ISO standard - comments and feedback requested

I'd appreciate and comments or feedback on
It is relevant to the ADMP IG because it is tries to describe the pieces of
information which, based on the concepts of OAIS, are needed for long-term
re-use of information.
Besides OAIS concepts it brings in ideas and approaches from the Project

20 Apr 2017

RDA P9 Active DMPs IG Follow-up Activities

Hi All,

We had a productive Active DMP IG session in Barcelona earlier this month. Many thanks to all those who attended in person and remotely. It was a very popular session!

There’s a wiki page with all the files from the meeting at: