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This Task Force began to define the type of formal outputs  generated by RDA and how associated intellectual property rights for those outputs will be managed. The focus was on outputs from RDA, but we also considered associated products, such as articles or publications that may be generated during the course of Working Group activities.

In a first phase we worked to define what constitute RDA outputs by examining the work of the existing WGs as initial case studies.

In a second phase of the project we involved legal experts and broader community consultation to define an appropriate IP policy for those outputs.

Council approved the initial policy 2014-04-28


  • Mark Parsons, Secretariat and TF Chair
  • Beth Plale, TAB co-Chair
  • Raphael Ritz, DFT co-Chair
  • Larry Lannom, DTR co-chair and interim OAB
  • Juan Biccaregui, interim OAB co-chair
  • Tony Hey, Council
  • Gerry Lane, IBM
  • Anita Eisenstadt, Legal Interoperability IG


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