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09 Jul 2019

RDA value statement for Infrastructure Providers

Dear all,
As you may recall from our organizational assembly meeting in Philadelphia,
it was determined that the OA would put together a value statement for
infrastructure providers. Thanks to the diligent work of Andrew and Frankie
there is a draft available for your review:
Please take a look and register any comments or corrections in the document

08 Jul 2019

OA Internal newsletter no3

Dear all,
Here are some news and updates for the RDA Organisational Members and Affiliates. Feel free to reuse and disseminate in your networks. We would appreciate your feedback on how to improve it. And if you find any bugs, please let us know. Thanks!
Request for comments open:
* Open Science Graphs for FAIR Data IG Charter Statement - Deadline: 18 July 2019
* WDS/RDA Assessment of Data Fitness for Use WG Outputs and Recommendations - Deadline: 19 July 2019
Recently endorsed groups:

02 Jul 2019

Plenary Pathways: Assessment & next steps

Hi, all,
We are planning to give the Plenary Pathways another go at the Helsinki
plenary and are looking for theme recommendations. Here are the Pathways
from last Plenary and
attached please find a brief summary of responses received to the
assessment survey for these. Despite the sparse response, I am assured that
there were over 600 hundred of unique page views!

21 Jun 2019

Draft minutes from last call and doodle for next call

Dear all,
The draft minutes from the May call are available at
I summarise the actions below.
The draft minutes from Philadelphia are to be approved in the next meeting also:

12 Jun 2019

Supporting output on FAIR assessment tools available for commenting

Dear Organisational Members,
The FAIR Data Maturity Model WG has published a supporting output for comments. The title is "Results of an Analysis of Existing FAIR Assessment Tools" and you can find it and comment in

31 May 2019

P14 Session proposal open. OA session?

Hi, all,
While the P14 session proposal period is still open, I wanted to follow up
on a suggestion made at a previous plenary session:
That the OA consider proposing a session that specifically targets a
concern of industry or an organizational topic of interest and then have it
be an OA-branded session.
We still have a bit of time to take action on this, and I would be
interested in hearing from you
1. if this is an interesting proposal
2. what topics might you suggest that this session cover

07 May 2019

May OAB call timeslot (open to all OA members)

Dear all,
We have now closed the doodle. The timeslot with most participants is Tuesday 28 May, 12:00 (noon) UTC. The meeting will be chaired by Amy. We will come up with a draft agenda and follow-up from Philadelphia meeting asap. In case you have any topics to be discussed, please let us know.

18 Apr 2019

Doodle for the May OAB call (open to all OA members)

Dear all,
Please find a doodle for the next OAB meeting (open for all OA members), currently planned for mid/end of May.
Please fill it in by the 2nd of May!
Thanks in advance,
Best wishes,
Fotis Karayannis, Dr. Eng.
RDA secretariat-OAB liaison
ATHENA Research Center
Phone: +30 211 1206 431
Mobile: +30 6945 878784
Skype: fotis71
Twitter: fkarayan