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07 Jan 2014

RE: Next IOAB call: Wednesday 8.1.2014 4pm GMT

Happy new year to you all.
I have uploaded a new version of the OM document to the filedepot at:
I hope that this includes all the comments made so far. If I have missed any it is not deliberate so please reiterate them.
Tomorrow’s meeting will be by Flash Meeting again. Please go to:

17 Dec 2013

RDA OAB - New document and postponement of next meeting

Dear OAB colleagues,
New document
Attached is a document that Leif, Fortis and I have been drafting which brings together various things we have been discussing about organisational membership.
It is also in the Filedepot at
It describes what Organisational Membership is, the OA and the OAB. It also proposes a process for OAB elections.

17 Dec 2013

Re: [rda-oab] Re: [rda-oab] OAB & H2020 EINFRA-3-2014 "Towards global data ...

Dear Leif,
No, that's not really what I meant at all regarding funding.
The link I was trying to make was between EU (and presumably "matching" NSF/ANDS/other) funding in 2015/2016. And possible "sustainable" funding after this period possibly coming from Organisational member contributions.
I was most definitely not suggesting using EU funds from this call or any other to pay to Organisational membership fees (which would hardly lead to a sustainable model).
I will tell people who ask me that they should contact you and Peter.
Thanks a lot, Jamie

17 Dec 2013

Re: [rda-oab] OAB & H2020 EINFRA-3-2014 "Towards global data -einfrastructures - RDA"

Dear all,
Since the publication of EINFRA-3-2014 and other calls last week, a number of people have asked me how "we" plan to respond. In addition, I have seen it discussed on a number of mailing lists.
Whilst perhaps an RDA/E issue, it is linked to our discussion of "funding" and Organisational Membership / the use of such funds.
Questions such as "how will the proposal be prepared?", "who should / could be part of it?" have already come up.
I believe that it would be useful - and would also save effort - to have a clear and transparent statement on this.

13 Dec 2013

Re: [rda-oab] Org. membership in the RDA as a "subscription" / benefits of...

Dear Larry,
Thank you, that illuminates the logic of the "subscription" model for
me. I think the RDA would also have to be mindful about the "delivered
product" not being something that includes output from RDA working
groups, which will likely have participants from non-member
institutions, that then becomes available only to "subscriber"
Aside from that, if both "subscription" and "membership" are to be
options for an organization, perhaps the membership could /include /the

09 Dec 2013

Draft minutes - Interim OAB 26.11.2013 - Next meeting 18.12.2013 16:00 GMT

Dear all,

 I have prepared the draft minutes from the last meeting. Please let me know any comments.

You can find them in

Also note that the next meeting has been scheduled for 18.12.2013 at 16:00 GMT.

Kiind regards,

Fotis Karayannis, RDA Secretariat

28 Nov 2013

Selecting a date for the next Initial OAB meeting - Please answer the poll

Dear All,
I can see from the heavy mail traffic that the suggested date Friday 13th December is not a good day. I would suggest also the other option discussed at the meeting and suggest some more days for the week after that.
I've proposed a meeting for the dates below. Please visit the following web page to fill in your own availability. The suggested wall clock time is still 16:00 GMT:
Monday 9th December 2013