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22 Nov 2019

Helsinki follow-up & OAB elections

Dear Organisational Assembly members,
It was great to see everyone who made it to Helsinki to attend Plenary 14.
This was a wonderful event, and it was a delight to see you.
A few points of action coming out of that meeting:
1) You will have seen an email on behalf of Laura Witcoff. Laura is looking
into resource development avenues for RDA-US, which should also benefit the
larger community. Please email your responses to the following to

28 Oct 2019

OA photo

Dear all,
Here is the OA photo arranged from Helsinki on Friday afternoon. Next time I will try to include it in the agenda (as last (or first) item) to maximise presence in case no photos of all RDA groups are arranged.
It was nice to see many of you in Helsinki!
Best wishes,

25 Oct 2019

Organisational Assembly group photo at the end of this session!

Hi all,
In case you are still here in Dipoli, please join us for an OA photo at the end of this session, planned at ~15:30.
Best wishes
Fotis Karayannis, Dr. Eng.
RDA secretariat-OAB liaison
ATHENA Research Center
Phone: +30 211 1206 431
Mobile: +30 6945 878784
Skype: fotis71
Twitter: fkarayan

23 Oct 2019

OA members at the Helsinki plenary - a request

Those of you at the OA meeting yesterday may have wondered about the presence of
some folk who aren't OA members. I'm sorry we didn't provide explanation about
this in advance, and happy to correct that now. Moreover I would encourage you
to share your thoughts about RDA's sustainability with them during the event.
Further details on who they are, what they are doing and how to interact with them:
Dr. Laura Wittcoff and Eliot Dreiband, MSW Intern, are attending RDA’s Plenary
#14 for the explicit purpose of gathering anonymous information on the

22 Oct 2019

Change of room: Palaver (in Dipoli-ground floor)

Dear all,
An important update: The OA meeting has to move to another room (as I check and the assigned room was not big enough). The new room is Palaver.
This is located on the ground floor of Dipoli; you have to pass through the cloak area and then you will see the Palaver sign.
Best wishes,
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18 Oct 2019

Helsinki RDA Organisational Assembly Meeting Agenda

Dear all,
In case you have not seen the agenda of the Organisational Assembly posted last week, you can find the link with all required information at Please let us know your comments and of "Any other Business" items.
Remote connection should be also available (if everything goes well - the usual OAB link).
Hope to see many of you next week!

17 Oct 2019

FW: A curriculum for foundational Research Data Science skills for Early Career Researchers

Dear all,
See message below on a new recommendation. If there is someone who would like to take this up, please let me know and I will discuss with the Chairs to directly approach some of you!
Best wishes,
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27 Sep 2019

P14 Early Bird Registration Fee EXTENDED for all RDA Organisational Members

Dear Organisational Members
If you didn't manage to register for P14 before the early bird deadline of 24th September DON'T WORRY, as RDA Organisational Members you can still take advantage of the reduced registration fee, right up to the start of the plenary.
Simply select the appropriate box on the registration page (see below) and you will be asked to email me to request the password so you can continue and pay the reduced fee of €459.
Best regards to all
Bridget Walker

12 Sep 2019

Re: [tab][rda-oab] For Action: Please make the final Plenary Pathways for Helsinki available on the website

Ah, OK. I didn't realise that is what B1, B2 etc meant. If it is possible to add additional information such as 'Breakout 1 (23rd, 11:30-1:00)' in the place of 'B1' and so on, it would significantly help with planning. I am sure a lot of ppl are assessing every session against their calendar because of how much is going on -- room numbers can be found on the fly.
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