status: Completed

Chair (s): David Dubin, Nicholas Car

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Secretariat Liaison: [field_secretariat_liaison]

Tracking provenance for research data is vital to science and scholarship, providing answers to common questions researchers pose when sharing and exchanging data: Where did it come from? Who modified it? Is this copy the same as the copy I deposited? In what way is it the same? How do I resolve discrepancies or anomalies?

This group focuses on the comparison and evaluation of models for data provenance. It is concerned with questions of data origins, maintenance of identity through the data lifecycle, and how we account for data modification. Objectives of this group include: recommending general and expressive frameworks for documenting research data transactions proposing syntheses of complementary provenance views, and relating data provenance to problems of scientific equivalence and the assessment of data quality.

The Research Data Provenance group anticipates potential intersections with the Data Citation, Data Foundation and Terminology, and Metadata Standards working groups as well as the Data in Context interest group.


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Plenary 9 Suggested Reading

by David Dubin

For those attending the Research Data Provenance session at Plenary 9, we have a short list of resources that we invite you read in advance of the meeting.

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Plenary 8 9/17 session slides

by David Dubin

Slides presented by Nick Car and Dave Dubin at Plenary 8 Provenance Interest Group session on September 17, 2016

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Usecase-Nanoscopy Provenance Data

by Dr. Ajinkya Prabhune

As discussed in the last Telco I have uploaded the short description about the nanoscopy project and the importance of provenance information.

File Nanoscopy-Provenance-UseCase.docx1.34 MB