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Re: [repo2pub_coord] First meeting: 8 Feb 2023

by Danie Kinkade

Hello RDA Repo2Pub WG members and interested parties! Reminder that our first meeting is next week, Wednesday February 8th at 5:30AM UTC-5, 10:30AM UTC; and 9:30PM UTC+11 (with many apologies to Eastern US folks for the early wakeup call - slippers and coffee encouraged!). For this kickoff meeting, we'll plan to devote time after introductions to reviewing the draft case statement and determining next steps, so please take a look before the call. Zoom info and link to an agenda are included below. Have a great weekend! Danie
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Re: First meeting of the RDA ESES IG's working group on coordinating data publication workflows

by Danie Kinkade

Many Thanks to those who visited and completed the poll. The winner for a best time to gather for the first meeting of the Repo2Pub Working Group was Wednesday, 8 February at 5:30AM EST in the US; 10:30AM GMT in the UK (11:30AM CET, Germany); and 9:30PM AEDT Canberra AU. (with many apologies to Eastern US folks on the early wakeup call)
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