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Webinar designed for RDA Group participants

by Stephanie Hagstrom

Hello - My apologies for cross-posting. We wanted to be sure RDA group Chairs and group members received this information about an upcoming webinar specifically designed to provide tips and strategies for promoting project outputs. This webinar is designed for RDA Working and Interest Group Members, but anyone interested in this topic is also invited and welcome to attend. Please register and attend "How To Get Attention for Research Project Outputs " webinar on 21 Oct 2021 - 15:00 UTC presented by Jennifer Gibson. Register here.
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RDA Science Communication for Research data Interest Group - charter follow up

by Timea Biro

Dear all, I hope everyone is doing well. I am sending this follow up to the group mailinglist and to a few of you that have expressed interested and signed-up to contribute to the IG charter following this or the previous RDA Plenary sessions. We have put together a draft of the charter that you can find here and hope to submit this to the RDA Secretariat and TAB by the end of the month. Input from all, especially on the objectives and outcomes sections is particularly welcome.
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RDA Virtual Plenary 17 - Notification of Acceptance

by Secretariat Group Account

Dear Chair of the Science Communication for Research Data Group, Congratulations! Your RDA Virtual Plenary 17 (VP17) session application titled ‘Science communication for research data’ has been approved by the Technical Advisory Board (TAB). Please consider this your official notification of acceptance.
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RDA VP17 Session Proposal Submission

by Jamie Lupo-Petta

  Dear Science communication for research data group members,   Thank you for your session proposal for Virtual Plenary 17 titled ‘Science communication for research data’.  A review of all submitted proposals is now underway by the RDA Technical Advisory Board, with notifications of acceptance planned to be sent by 26 February.   Please feel free to contact the RDA Secretariat at with any questions or concerns you have regarding your submission. Thank you.  
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RDA Virtual Plenary 15 session: BOF Science Communication for Research Data,

by Timea Biro

  Join the BOF Session on Science Communication for Research Data scheduled for the 3rd of April,  16:00 UTC.  This BOF meeting will aim to introduce the wider topic of science communication and  focus on science communication for research data, in line with the RDA agenda. It will discuss the state of the art, priorities and requirements, and the actors involved and assess the need for a convergent effort and an RDA group on science communication for research data.  
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