status: Recognised & Endorsed

Chair (s): Daniel Mietchen, Eva Méndez, Timea Biro, Sarah Jones, Kheeran Dharmawardena, Susanna-Assunta Sansone, Joanne Stocks

Group Email: [group_email]

Secretariat Liaison:

This is the subgroup of the RDA-COVID-19 working group focusing on Community Participation.


Potential approach / timeline

  • Scoping document open for comments until *midnight UTC on April 14th*:

  • Develop a prioritised list of things to work on by Wednesday 15 April

  • Form c.6-7 teams of about 15 to get allocated to work on the topics

  • Each group will pick up a single task, in priority order, until we run out of groups  

  • Each group works on their topics for 5 days (ie: until Sunday)

  • On Monday, each team will be allocated a different topic for review over the next 2 days (ie: Monday & Tuesday)

  • Each group resumes work on their original topic afterwards, incorporating the review comments they have received from another group

  • Towards the later part of the 3 weeks, we should look to form a small editorial team, which will look to bring it all together into a coherent piece of work


To provide feedback on the "RDA COVID-19 Guidelines and Recommendations":

The current draft of the "RDA COVID-19 Guidelines and Recommendations" can be found in the Outputs section of the main COVID-19 WG webpage; be sure to select the most current version that is attached for review, and provide comments using the "Add new comment" link below the attachments.





The final version of the RDA COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines for Data Sharing, published 30 June 2020

by Bridget Walker


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RDA COVID-19 Guidelines and Recommendations (draft versions)

by Hilary Hanahoe

Please note:  this is the landing page for the 5 draft versions of the RDA COVID-19 Working Group Recommendations and Guidelines on Data Sharing. These ma

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