status: Recognised & Endorsed

Chair (s): Daniela Hausen, Paula Martinez Lavanchy, Nikola Vasiljević, Jonathan Petters

Group Email: [group_email]

Secretariat Liaison: contact enquiries[at]

The IG RDMinEng was established by the RDA in September 2019.


The IG RDMinEng is a discipline-specific group, which on the one hand addresses the needs of engineers and on the other hand focuses on developments in the field of RDM.
Generally there are a lot of discussions around about general requirements. At the same time discipline-specific adaptations of individual aspects such as metadata or data management plans are pointed out. One of the most important discipline-specific aspects in the engineering sciences is industrial cooperation. As a result, data requirements change and secrecy is given greater weight than in other disciplines.


If you like to discuss with us on please sent a mail to one of the co-chairs.


In order to shed light on these different aspects and perspectives, IG RDMinEng decided to form four focus groups on the topics DMP, data annotation, metadata and Open Science at the Plenary P14 in Helsinki.


In July, September and October 2020 we will organize an online seminar series on data annotation and metadata together with other RDA IGs/ WGs to bring the different parties together and generate output specific to engineering. The aim of the online seminar series is to explore initiatives, projects and application already existing or under develpment that coulr be applied or adapted to research data founded in engineering disciplines. The online seminars will be announced progressively on the events page of the IG RDMinEng:

Please reserve 20th July 2-4 pm CESTfor "Scientific Annotation - Engineering Applications, Discovery and Preservation" and 29th July 1-2 pm CEST for "Lessons from semantic technologies for drone for scientific IoT".


The focus group on engineer-specific DMPs will be integrated into the currently forming WG "Discipline-specific guidance for DMPs". It is planned to submit a BoF session at P16.


Plenary participation