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07 Jan 2019

10th WG/IG Chairs Meeting

The change in venue has been challenging but we do have a place to hold the
meeting that makes remote participation possible. I've attached the
agenda. The WG/IG updates are important but as the number of groups (last
I looked it was 100! but it changes daily)
gets larger, we need a way to have all those participating give updates and
at the same time not
use all the meeting time to do this so for this meeting we've chosen to go
with 3-minute updates. I understand that this can be challenging so one

27 Dec 2018

US Government shutdown information

Hello Chairs,

If you have already registered to be added to the NIST security list, you will have recieved a notice that the NIST campus will be closed until the US government shutdown has been resolved.  We currently do not have an estimate of when this will happen.  The current plan is to identify a backup location in case NIST is still closed heading into our meeting. Should anyone have connections to venues in the DC area, please let me know (Many thanks to Natalie for reaching out with a possible option)!  We will keep you all updated as we look into our options.