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Research Data Alliance Austria (RDA-AT) is a national RDA node dedicated to representing emerging research and data management communities throughout Austria. RDA-AT will operate as a formal participant of RDA Europe,  linking Austrian data management initiatives and RDA Working and Interest Groups, providing assistance in adoption of RDA recommendations, and allowing Austrian stakeholders to benefit directly from RDA support mechanisms. These new connections will bring key Austrian issues to the global data management table, and global discussions back to Austria.

RDA Austria’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating national and transnational engagements, including the creation of formal Working Groups to address data-related issues critical to the Austrian research community and the public at large
  • Organizing events and training to support the adoption of best practices in research data management across Austria
  • Providing an incubation space for the development of shared services and common standards, including policy development, data management planning, and infrastructure interoperability requirements
  • Serve as an information conduit and professional connector for international activities, including the European Open Science Cloud and the EGI Federated Cloud
  • Promoting local adoption of RDA recommendations with the support of RDA seed funding
  • Connecting Austrian research data stakeholders 

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