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04 Aug 2018

Reminder: Please review Chairs Meeting Summary Report

Andrew, Lynn and I have put together a summary report of this meeting. Please review it and
use suggesting rather than editing for any changes or additions. We would like to submit the
report soon so please try to have your review complete by August 10th.
The report is here:
Please let me know if you have any problems accessing it.
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University of New Mexico
1312 Basehart SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

31 Jul 2018

AW: [9th_wgig_chairs_mtg] Chairs meeting updates

Thanks Rebecca, Lynn, Andrew for writing up this summary of our meeting!
For me, the most important take home message was to think differently about working groups outputs.
I used to consider them an end product now I see them as a milestone in a longer process depending on the character of the output.
The most pressing issue from my point of view is the underfunding of the RDA secretariat.
Closely connected is everything connected to appraising the value of RDA.

06 Jun 2018

9th WG/IG meeting updates - Draft agenda and preparations


Hello 9th Chairs' meeting participants! 

I am really looking forward to working with you all next week in Vienna.  Sincere thanks to Andi and his colleagues for hosting the meeting and organizing all of the logistics to make this possible!


I've been updating the meeting group page with aggregated info on travel, meeting location and logistics information, a draft agenda, and background materials/data.  Please check out the information here:

02 Apr 2018

Question: Likely timing for meetings in Vienna?

Dear Andi (and other organisers),

I realise that we have all only just returned from Berlin, but my thoughts are already turning to Vienna.

In order to help with my travel scheduling, can you please indicate if the meeting will run from midday on the Wednesday to midday on the Friday (that is, two full days spread over three calendar days)?

That would help me decide whether to get into Vienna the night before or come in on the morning of the Wednesday.

It would also be helpful to know the likely location so I can book a hotel early.