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07 Jul 2020

Next Call July 8, 7 am UTC

We will have our next call tomorrow Wednesday, July 8, at 7 am UTC (9 am CEST).
Call notes:
Note 1: This is the first Australasia-Europe friendly call.
Note 2: The changed connection, since not everyone was happy with the

27 May 2020

Adaption/adoption of PIDINST for Wind Energy/Engineering community

Dear all,

I am very eager to provide new use cases for PIDINST. We are operating several static and mobile research infrastructures used in the wind energy/engineering community. As such we generate large quantities of data that we would like to relate to the infrastructures that created them (e.g., long-range WindScanner system). Therefore, for some time we have been looking for PID for instruments.

05 May 2020

[ANN] PIDINST paper published

Dear all,
I am happy to announce that the PIDINST paper (one of the WG
deliverables) was just published:
Stocker, M, Darroch, L, Krahl, R, Habermann, T, Devaraju, A,
Schwardmann, U, D’Onofrio, C and Häggström, I. 2020. Persistent
Identification of Instruments. Data Science Journal, 19: 18, pp. 1–12.
Cheers, m.