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Research Data Alliance United States (RDA-US) is a national RDA node dedicated to representing emerging research and data management communities throughout the United States. RDA-US will operate as a formal participant of the RDA Region of the Americas and RDA Working and Interest Groups, assisting in the adoption of RDA recommendations, and allowing United States stakeholders to benefit directly from RDA support mechanisms. These new connections will bring key United States issues to the global data management table, and global discussions back to the United States.  Newsletters and Webinars are below. 






Data Streams is a collection of conversations among members of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) community about the challenges they face as researchers and data experts in managing the massive quantities of research data and how together, they are finding solutions and proving the value of open research data sharing and reuse.

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Episode #1 - 18-3-2022  “A Working Group’s Journey, The RDA Data Citation Working Group Podcast with Mark Parsons and Andreas Rauber"

This episode features RDA co-chairs Mark Parsons and Andreas Rauber, who discuss their experience in leading an RDA Working Group, advise others who collaborate with international teams in implementing research projects and educate listeners on the recommendations they produced through their work. 

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Episode #2 - 3-6-2022  Co-chairs Discussion About the New RDA Data Repository Attributes Working Group with Matthew Cannon and Michael Witt"

In this episode, we discuss one of the newest RDA groups, the Data Repository Attributes Working Group by two of the group chairs, Matthew Cannon and Michael Witt. They share about the motivation to start this group, what challenges, and potential impacts the group plans to address; and what outputs they have planned.

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Episode #3 - 22-7-2022 "Meet the New RDA Data Granularity Working Group"

Hear from one of the newest RDA groups, the Data Granularity Working Group, and what motivated them to get started, lessons learned so far, and recommendations for others on how to get involved with this group and RDA.  Guangyuan Sun moderates this episode and interviews group chairs — Reyna Jenkyns, Brigitte Mathiak, and Katherine McNeill.




Episode #4 - 13-90-2022 "RDA Sensitive Data Interest Group discussion with co-chairs"

In Episode 4, we introduce one of the newly formed groups at RDA, the Sensitive Data Interest Group.  The podcast includes a discussion with three of the group's co-chairs, Nichola Burton, Aleks Michalewicz, and Kristal Spreadborough. They share their thoughts about the motivation to start this group, what challenges and potential impacts the group plans to address, and what outputs, if any, they have planned.




Episode #5 - 10-18-2022 National PID Strategies WG Discussion with Co-chairs and Group Members"

In this episode, we introduce one of the newly formed groups at RDA, the National PID Strategies WG. Shawna Sadler moderates this episode and is joined by co-chair Natasha Simons and Group member Melroy Almeida. They discuss the motivation to start this Group, the challenges, and potential impacts the group plans to address, and planned outputs including a guide to national PID strategy development.




Episode #6 - 11-10-2022 “FAIR Principles for Research Hardware IG Discussion with Co-chairs"

This episode is an introduction to one of the newly formed groups at RDA: FAIR Principles for Research Hardware IG. The podcast includes a discussion with two of the group co-chairs, Dr. Julien Colomb and Assoc. Prof. Nadica Miljković. They share their thoughts about the motivation to start this group, the challenges, and complexity of research hardware, as well as the potential impacts the group plans to have in academia and beyond.

In addition to their roles as co-chairs of the FAIR Principles for Research Hardware IG, Julien Colomb is a Data manager at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, and Nadica Miljković is an Associate Professor at the University of Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering in Serbia, and Visiting Researcher at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.


Episode #7 - "Reflections from Early RDA Members and Former RDA Technical Advisory Board chairs: Françoise Genova and Andrew Treloar"

This episode features Françoise Genova and Andrew Treloar, former RDA Technical Advisory Board chairs sharing memories of their experience as early members of RDA and their eight-year journey together as the co-chairs of the RDA Technical Advisory Board as well as their thoughts on future directions.

Andrew Treloar is the CTO/IT Director of the Australian Research Data Commons. Françoise Genova is a Researcher at the Centre de Donnees astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS).



Episode #8 - "FAIR for Virtual Research Environments (VRE) Working Group Discussion with co-chairs"

RDA US Podcast featuring the FAIR for Virtual Research Environments (VRE) Working Group

Discussion with the RDA FAIR for Virtual Research Environments WG about the challenges and opportunities represented by the application of FAIR principles for research virtual research environments with Sandra Gesing and Kerry Levett. 

>>> Listen here


Upcoming Featured Podcasts


Episode #9 - Life Sciences Infrastructure IG

Episode #10 - RDA 10-year Anniversary Celebration - Founders Interview

Completed 2022 Webinars


 Thursday 31 March 16:00 UTC

How to Get Attention for Research Project Outputs Part 2


 Thursday 21 April 16:00 UTC

Tools & Resources for Data Usage Metrics


 Thursday 19 May 16:00 UTC

Persistent Identification of Instruments WG


 Thursday, 30 June 14:00 UTC

Professionalising Data Stewardship IG


 Tuesday, 19 July 14:00 UTC

Exposing Data Management Plans WG - Cancelled


 Thursday, 22 September 21:00 UTC

CURE-FAIR WG: Introducing 10 Things for Curating Reproducible and FAIR Research 


 Tuesday, 25 October 20:00 UTC

Research Metadata Schemas WG


 Tuesday, 22 November 17:00 UTC

DMP Common Standards WG


Completed 2022 Latin American Webinar Series







July 12, 2022, 15:00 UTC

 Introduction to Research Data Alliance


September 14, 2022, 15:00 UTC

Designing and Constructing Research Data Repositories – Examples from Latin America


October 21, 2022, 20:00 UTC

FAIR Principles in Research and Data Management



Completed 2021 Webinars

10/21/2021 How to Get Attention for Research Project Outputs Part 1

10/7/2021  Supporting Interdisciplinary Sample Data Discovery, Integration, and Reuse

9/23/2021  FAIR Principles for Research Software (FAIR4RS) WG

9/16/2021 The International Network-of-Networks (iN2N) Webinar on “Navigating Data Sharing in International Research Collaborations”

8/26/2021 FAIR Island: Networked, Machine-Actionable DMPs For Open Science

8/10/2021  RRIDs: A Way to Track Samples Through the Scientific Literature (RDA and ESIP Physical Samples Groups)

7/28/2021 Decomposing Observable Property Descriptions into Machine-Readable Components (I-ADOPT WG)

6/30/2021  Supporting Reproducibility by Capturing Physical Sample Data and Metadata in a Connected Electronic Lab Notebook  (RDA and ESIP Physical Samples Groups)

6/28/2021   Exploring Past, Present, and Future Outcomes of the RDA Libraries for Research Data (L4RD) Interest Group                 

5/27/2021   Versioning Data Is About More than Revisions: A Conceptual Framework and Proposed Principles (Data Versioning WG)

3/18/2021   Connecting Data, Institutions, and People: FAIR Digital Objects, RDA Outputs, and The Design Of The DiSSCo Research Infrastructure

11/19/2020 The RDA FAIR Data Maturity Model WG: Aligning International Initiatives for Promoting and Assessing FAIR Data




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