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14 Mar 2018

P11 TAB-Chair meeting

Dear colleagues,
You have seen the agenda of the P11 TAB/Chair meeting. One item is to
follow up the Roadmap discussion. It would be good if we have a
volunteer to present each of Gaithersburg Roadmap splinters. I can do
the one on "RDA metadata" (and you can comment the document I prepared
as promised). Who volunteers for the others?

12 Feb 2018

Gaithersburg Chairs Meeting Summary Posted


Thanks again to those who helped plan the meeting and thanks to everyone who participated. A meeting summary, Summary Report.docx, has been added to the documents on the web page for the meeting. All of the presentations and the detailed collaborative notes are also there.

11 Jan 2018

pptx of 7 questions for WG/IG report-out

Hi all,
For any group representative doing a report-out on Thursday or Friday, I’ve posted a .pptx slide with the 7 questions we discussed today for convenience. The 7 questions are also listed in the notes document towards the end of Day 1 notes should you prefer to use a different format. Please cap your summary at 10 minutes (shorter is also great!).
.pptx file -

09 Jan 2018

meeting location

Note that the RDA WG/IG Chairs meeting will be in Building 101, Lecture Room B, not D.
When you come through the main entry of 101, turn left down the corridor with the windows on your left. LR B is on the right, past the lobby area.
If anyone is in need of transportation let me know – I could do a shuttle run and provide some rides.
- - - - -
Dr. Robert J. Hanisch
Director, Office of Data and Informatics
Material Measurement Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, Maryland USA

09 Jan 2018

Remote participation information added

Hi all!
Looking forward to the WG/IG Chairs meeting discussions starting tomorrow! Note that the remote attendance call-in information has been posted to the meeting page, along with links/files for meeting materials:
Call-in information is additionally pasted below to keep things easy. We will be starting at 1300 ET (1800 UTC) tomorrow 10 Jan.
Many thanks,