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15 Jan 2019

DMP Common Standards - Model development in progress - online meeting

Dear colleagues,
We have been recently progressing with the common DMP model and would like
to get in sync with you. We would like to invite you to join a call.
In the call we would like to walk you through the model, discuss it, and get
Please indicate your availability by Friday EOB:
The current version of the model can be found here:

17 Dec 2018

DMP Common Standards - between plenaries - update

Dear DMP Common group, Here is a bunch of updates from our side: 1. We're working on the model. The first draft can be found here: [chart] The current version of the model aims at separating and breaking down topics, e.g. DMP describes Data, DMP can have information on Projects and Costs. Data can be considered jointly (all project data ) or broken down into logical parts (input data, output data, code, etc.).

03 Oct 2018

RDA DMP Common Standards WG - update and invitation to a call

Dear group members!
I would like to share some updates with you on our activity and invite to
participate in a call in which we would like to sync with you on our
activities and plan next.
1. We will have a plenary meeting in Gaborone.
2. We had a workshop at the TPDL conference in Porto. During the

27 Jun 2018

Possible joint session at RDA P12

Hi guys,
I was wondering whether we could propose a joint session between the DMP
Common Standards WG and Storage Service Definitions WG?
Due to the limited number of slots available, I believe a joint session
proposal is more likely to be accepted. Also, there is (likely) some
overlap between the work we are doing in SSD WG and the DMP-common WG,
which would be good to explore.
Would such a proposal for a joint session be of interest?

04 Jun 2018

RDA DMP Common Standards - news

Dear colleagues!
This is a short update on the current state of work and upcoming activities:
1. Session proposal for the RDA Plenary in Botswana
2. Workshop at the TPDL18 in Porto in September
3. Paper at the iPres18 in Boston
4. Second Consultation
Ad.1 We are going to submit a session proposal for the plenary in Botswana.
Again we would like to have some presentations and a follow-up discussion.
We would like to present a draft of the model and some use cases showing how

21 Mar 2018

RDA Plenary Berlin

Dear all,
Thank you very much for your participation in the meeting and feedback we have received.
We would also like to thank presenters who presented their tools.
The slides can be found here:
The new ongoing consultation in which we collect specific models and requirements can be found here: