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27 Aug 2020

[Extend community review] SCID WG's output: use cases and identifiers schemes for persistent software source code identification

The joint RDA and FORCE11 Software Source Code Identification WG has produced the conclusive output: use cases and identifiers schemes for persistent software source code identification.

21 May 2020

National Information Standards Organization seeks feedback on reproducibility badging

Over the last year, the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has convened a reproducibility badging working group formed of representatives from publishers, professional societies, and the research community. This has included Neil Chue Hong from this RDA WG.

18 May 2020

Invitation to review Case Statement

Dear all,

The newly formed working group FAIR for research Software (FAIR4RS) WG and its steering committee invites you to review and provide feedback on our submitted Case Statement before June 11, 2020. We intend to make all the documentation public, and continue to seek feedback at various points during the life of the working group.

30 Apr 2020

[Announce]: biblatex-software, a bibliography style for software artifacts

Dear all,
this message is to announce the availability of the *biblatex-software*
package, that adds support for properly managing software entries in
bibliographies for BibLaTeX users. You can find it on CTAN at:
*biblatex-software* introduces four specific bibliographic entries for
describing respectively *software, software versions, software modules and

31 Mar 2020

Re: [software-source-code-ig][scid][fair_maturity] FAIR for research software session update - Virtual Plenary 15

my interest level is 2.
Sandra Gesing
Associate Research Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Computational Scientist, Center for Research Computing
University of Notre Dame