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14 Oct 2021

Webinar designed for RDA Group participants

Hello - My apologies for cross-posting. We wanted to be sure RDA group Chairs and group members received this information about an upcoming webinar specifically designed to provide tips and strategies for promoting project outputs. This webinar is designed for RDA Working and Interest Group Members, but anyone interested in this topic is also invited and welcome to attend.
Please register and attend "How To Get Attention for Research Project Outputs " webinar on 21 Oct 2021 - 15:00 UTC presented by Jennifer Gibson.
Register here.

10 Sep 2021

RDA Virtual Plenary 18 - Notifications of Acceptance

Dear Chairs of the Software Source Code IG,
The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) has completed its review of session applications for the RDA Virtual Plenary 18 (VP18) and has accepted your application titled Software Source Code and Reproducibility. Please consider this your official notification of acceptance. Congratulations!

09 Sep 2021

Sept 23 webinar FAIR Principles for Research Software (FAIR4RS WG)

Hello RDA WG and IG members - We are pleased to announce the FAIR4RS Working Group will be presenting a webinar titled: FAIR Principles For Research Software on 23 Sep 2021 - 17:00 to 18:00 UTC, hosted by the RDA-US. We hope you will attend.
This webinar will present the history of how the Working Group evolved, an overview of the recently published group output FAIR principles for Research Software, and the challenges and limitations identified when creating the principles for FAIR Research Software.

12 Aug 2021

RDA VP18 Session Proposal Submission

Dear Software Source Code IG members,
Thank you for your session proposal for Virtual Plenary 18 titled “Software Source Code and Reproducibility”. A review of all submitted proposals is now underway by the RDA Technical Advisory Board, with notifications of acceptance planned to be sent by 10 September.
Please feel free to contact the RDA Secretariat at ***@***.*** with any questions or concerns you have regarding your submission. Thank you.
RDA Secretariat

09 Jul 2021

Re: [software-source-code-ig][scid][cure-fair][fair4rs] Breaking news: Software and Software Heritage in the new National Plan for Open Science in France

Thanks Victoria,
we still have a long path in front of us, but an engagement at Ministry level
like this will open quite a few doors: let's keep up the good work.
A non official translation of the original french document is now available at:
Despite the imperfect english, it is well worth reading in detail: it contains
a wealth of measures that cover all areas of Open Science.

08 Jul 2021

Re: [software-source-code-ig][scid][cure-fair][fair4rs] Breaking news: Software and Software Heritage in the new National Plan for Open Science in France

Thank you for sharing this Roberto. Indeed, this is an important step for software that is now, at the same level as publication and data. All best, Victoria ====*contact information ================ Victoria Dominguez Del Angel, PhD ================= Sent with [ProtonMail]( Secure Email.

07 Jul 2021

Breaking news: Software and Software Heritage in the new National Plan for Open Science in France

Dear all,
I am delighted to share a great breaking news: yesterday afternoon the
French Ministry of Research unveiled the second multi-annual National Plan
for Open Science in France, that squarely puts software on a par with
publications and data in research and Open Science, and announces a number
of measures designed to open research software and better recognize
software development in research.
The official document is available online from the website of the French
Ministry of Research