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31 May 2021

[CodeMeta] We need you! provide feedback for CodeMeta v3.0 before June 15

Dear all,
Apologies for cross-posting.
I'm writing to you today to get your feedback on a software metadata matter
on the CodeMeta repository . If you
haven't heard about the CodeMeta project and
vocabulary, CodeMeta is a subset of classes SoftwareSourceCode
and SoftwareApplications, providing additional properties for research
software. CodeMeta vocabulary is in a json-ld format and developers can use
a codemeta.json file to insert metadata in their repository. This metadata

18 May 2021

Data Versioning WG Webinar - Invitation/Promotion Help


Hello.  We are writing to invite you to an upcoming webinar presented by the RDA Data Versioning Working Group, and to also request your help with promoting the event. 


The webinar is on May 27 at 23:00 UTC (4:00 PT) and is entitled “Versioning Data Is About More than Revisions: A Conceptual Framework and Proposed Principles”.  The talk will introduce six foundational principles for versioning of datasets: Revision, Release, Granularity, Manifestation, Provenance and Citation.


20 Apr 2021

[FAIR4RS][software-source-code-ig] VP17 software sessions

Dear all,
We are having two interesting software sessions at VP17, tomorrow
(Wednesday 21th) and Thursday 22nd.
The FAIR4RS WG session is on Wednesday 21th at 12:45 - 14:15

UTC| *Breakout 4* :
FAIR for Research Software (FAIR4RS)
: Early
Outcomes of the FAIR 4 Research Software: Definitions, Principles and Road

The SSC IG session is on Thursday 22nd at 10:15 - 11:45

UTC| *Breakout 7:*
Software Source Code
: Scholarly
Infrastructures and Quality Requirements of Software Source Code

16 Apr 2021

BibLaTeX support for software (Was: Re: [rda-datacitation-wg] Data Citation - Participate in shaping BibLaTeX)

[cross-posting this message to other groups that may find this relevant,
with some context for them, apologies to the Data Citation WG for repetitions]
Dear all,
there is an interesting thread in the Data Citation WG about extending the
@dataset entry in biblatex, which is just treated as @misc in biblatex today,
and falls quite short of fitting the bill [1].
A year ago, we had a similar situation for the @software entry type, which is
also just an alias for the @misc entry. Today, the situation has changed a lot,

26 Feb 2021

RDA Virtual Plenary 17 - Notification of Acceptance

Dear Chairs of the Software Source Code IG
The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) has completed its review of session applications for the RDA Virtual Plenary 17 (VP17) and has accepted your application titled Scholarly infrastructures and quality requirements of software source code. Please consider this your official notification of acceptance. Congratulations!

29 Jan 2021

RDA VP17 Session Proposal Submission


Dear Software Source Code IG members,


Thank you for your session proposal for Virtual Plenary 17 titled ‘Scholarly infrastructures and quality requirements of software source code’.  A review of all submitted proposals is now underway by the RDA Technical Advisory Board, with notifications of acceptance planned to be sent by 26 February.


Please feel free to contact the RDA Secretariat at with any questions or concerns you have regarding your submission. Thank you.