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18 Oct 2017

[software-source-code-ig] questionnaire summary from the RDA 10th Plenary

Hi everyone,
Here bellow is a not so short summary of the questionnaire you have
answered during the Software Source Code IG.
If you couldn't participate, here is the link to the questionnaire

You are welcome to add your answers to the answers

16 Sep 2017

Reminder: IG meeting on Tuesday 19th, 14:00, Mansfield 2

Dear all,
we are quite excited as we are going to meeting you all in Montreal
quite soon!
All informations on the meeting are here, including instructions for remote
For your convenience, time and location of the physical meeting are in the
subject of this message.
See you in beautiful Montreal!
Roberto Di Cosmo and Neil Chue Hong

13 Aug 2017

FYI: International Coalition on Science Gateways

On behalf of Michelle Barker, I'm forwarding this announcement that might
be of interest to some of you.
The International Coalition on Science Gateways will hold a meeting at the
RDA Plenary in Montreal , Canada, on 18 September 2017. The International
Coalition on Science Gateways aims to provide an international forum for
the science gateways community, and this meeting will discuss the
Coalition’s short and long-term goals.
The International Coalition on Science Gateways’ vision is to provide an

13 Aug 2017

Welcome on the Software Source Code Interest Group Mailing List!

Dear all,
this is the first message on the dedicate mailing list for our Interest
Group on Software Source Code.
We will have our first meeting during the next RDA plenary session.
The final schedule is now public, you can find it here:
Our session is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19th, 14:00-15:30, please
mark it in your agenda, and plan for attending!