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Chair (s): Andrea Berez-Kroeker, Helene N. Andreassen, Lindsay Ferrara

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The Linguistics Data Interest Group plans to identify, prioritize, and get to work on data challenges across the Linguistics domain. As a first step, this new group will focus P10 time on developing the discipline-wide adoption of common standards for data citation and attribution, and to improve research data management training in the discipline. In our parlance citation refers to the practice of identifying the source of linguistic data, and attribution refers to mechanisms for assessing the intellectual and academic value of creating, managing, storing, sharing, and citing primary data.


The LDIG is for data at all linguistic levels (from individual sounds or words to video recordings of conversations to experimental data) and data for all of the world’s languages, and acknowledges that many of the world’s languages have high cultural value and are underrepresented with regards to the amount of information that is available about them.


This interest group is aligned with the RDA mission to improve open sharing of data through forming transparent discipline-specific data citation and attribution conventions to be adopted by the international research community. Linguistics is a discipline that straddles social/behavioral sciences and the humanities, and thus we have a great deal to contribute to the general RDA discussion on a multiplicity of data types.

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LDIG 10th plenary documents

by Lauren Gawne

Meeting notes from asynchronous meeting of LDIG, held before the plenary. Meeting notes online: Meeting notes and slides from the LDIG meeting at the RDA 10th

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PDF icon IG Linguistics Data - RDA Plenary 10 Notes.pdf141.77 KB
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LDIG Charter Statement 1.0

by Lauren Gawne

The revised and approved charter statement

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