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10 Jul 2018

Survey on a European Transport Research Cloud

Hi all,


The European Commission has established an Expert Group to investigate the main needs, obstacles and opportunities for open data sharing in the area of transport research. The Group will make recommendations about the potential for a Transport Research Cloud as a thematic pillar of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).


19 Jun 2018

Last call for SciDataCon Sessions/IDW plans update

Hi all
SciDataCon has extended it's abstract call to this coming* Monday (25th
*Cross disciplinary drones for good and the associated data management
Last SciDataCon (2016) they published a special issue of Data Science
Journal from the session so as far as formal publications at IDW goes this
is the place to submit.
We're planing on using the RDA plenary part of IDW as a forum to have
people feed back from the preceding flyingweek

17 Apr 2018

sUAS Data: Presentation Online & SciDataCon sUAS Session Reminder!

Hello sUAS Data IG,
On Monday Jane, Andrea, and I presented for: Unmanning Data Mondays *-
Getting the human out of unmanned aerial systems data, *a webinar
series hosted from institutions involved with UPSiE and the Midwest Data
Hub. The presentation was recorded (most recent on the website), so please
take a look -- and do check out the other presentations as well, there are
some great sUAS data relevant ones!
- Opportunities, Challenges, and Progress in Managing the sUAS/RPAS Data

20 Mar 2018

P11 sessions

Hi all,
Looking forward to P11, just a reminder of the sessions we're involved with:
*- Thursday Breakout 5 13:30-15:00 - Room A05*
Joint meeting of: Data for Development IG, Ethics and Social Aspects of
Data IG, Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (aka RPAS) Data IG, Health Data
IG, RDA/NISO Privacy Implications of Research Data Sets IG
Topic is “Ethics in FAIR Data: Ethical and practical issues of data sharing
and usage within and across disciplines”. We aim to share experiences and

06 Feb 2018

Semantically rich automated sensor data management slides

Justin Buck's slides from the 1st telecon.
Next telecon:
Perspectives from RDA's Research Data Collections WG and Observational
Data to Information IG
Tuesday 20 Feb 8am/11am/5pm (PST/EST/CET)
Google calendar event invite link:
Jane Wyngaard, PhD
Data Science Technologist
Centre for Research Computing
University of Notre Dame

31 Jan 2018

From Kigali to Khartoum: Africa's drone revolution

Howdy My Friends,
Great article in Aljazeera:
From Kigali to Khartoum: Africa's drone revolution
Don Sullivan
NASA Ames Research Center
Bldg N245, Rm 131a/MS 245-4
P.O. Box 1
Moffett Federal Airfield, CA 94035-0001

16 Jan 2018

Fwd: Fw: 3rd ENVRIplus Call for Multi-domain Access to Environmental Research Infrastructures is open

ENVRIplus call for access to European multi-disciplinary environmental
research platforms. One
of the platforms is a site close to the Pyrénées ("P2OA-drones") with a
squadron(word?) of fixed wings available for scientific use.
Candidates, when selected, can get up to 10k€ from Europe to cover their
trips and per/diem on site, and other costs that they would have in their
planned field campaign.
ENVRIplus offers opportunities for free-of-charge transnational access to

05 Jan 2018

Fwd: [Esip-drone] methods for auto-generating structured metadata

Hi group,
A fellow RDA group working on metadata capture - given sUAS are new I
thought some of us might be using novel metadata capture methods (I use ODK
and am working on a RShiny app) so perhaps of interest to some here
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Date: Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 11:15 AM
Subject: [Esip-drone] methods for auto-generating structured metadata
The Metadata Enhancement Task Force, a sub-committee of the Research Data