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08 Jul 2019


Hi all
I'm sure everyone's getting many invitations to AGU sessions recently.
FWIW here are a couple we all might find relevant.
*Deadline 31 July*
NS007 - Integrating Drones and Autonomous Vehicles into Near-Surface
B081 - Narrowing
uncertainty in GHG emissions using UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) platforms

A138 - Use of Unmanned Systems in Atmospheric Science

B012 - Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Monitoring with Small
Unmanned Aircraft Systems

07 Jul 2019

Drone data competition

Hi all
Think people in this community definitely have something to contribute to
this competition.
*Topics are:*
- Drone data & AI tools: How can data and AI tools become more relevant
to solving local social challenges?
- Last data mile: How can we bring back drone data and insights to all
beneficiaries and turn data into action?

24 Jun 2019

Re: [webplatform][dronedata] Plenary 14 Session Submission Deadline Is Thursday!

Hard to tell - perhaps. All came in single thread, definitely looked like
it was coming multiple times to the same set of email addresses but could
have been because you sent it to them all on the same thread.
Jane Wyngaard, PhD
Embedded Systems Engineer & Data Technologist
Center for Research Computing
University of Notre Dame

24 Jun 2019

Re: [webplatform][dronedata] Plenary 14 Session Submission Deadline Is Thursday!

I also got it many times, but each time for a different Group
I belong to.
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16 May 2019

Plenary 14: Call for Sessions, Collocated Events, Posters and Registration Now Open! 

Taking place from 23-25 October 2019, the 14th RDA Plenary will take place in Dipoli, the nature-immersed building of Aalto University, Helsinki, in Finland, “one of the happiest countries in the world”, states Per Öster, CSC-IT Center For Science Director and Co-Chair of the P14 Programme Committee.