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06 Jul 2020

ESIP plenary and Drones

Hi all
Hope you're keeping well in these strange times. Virtual ESIP is already
upon us, I know the ESIP team has done some amazing work to make sure even
though we're virtual there will be stellar content.
If you haven't signed up already it's $200 and happening next week, see the
schedule here (they've
specifically arranged things to allow for some days to be more Australia
friendly too)
So 2 places drones will be highlighted/discussion had that we hope will be
of relevance to the future of drones and data:

15 May 2020


Hi Jane,
As I'm sure you've heard, we are having an OGC TC/PC Virtual meeting week, 15-23 June 2020.
The joint Aviation and Unmanned Systems Domain Working Group meeting time slot is 17 June 14:30-16:00 EDT,
and I would be delighted if you could present an update on your work in both RDA and ESIP.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Stay safe, be well,
Don Sullivan
NASA Ames Research Center
Bldg N245, Rm 131a/MS 245-4
P.O. Box 1

02 Apr 2020

For interest: Radiant earth's requirements on AI training metadata

Hi all
Thoughts this was interesting. I'd say there's alot more needed for a best
practice guide for drone data but great to see a considered list. In
summary (but read the article):
1. Is the data geographically specific?
2. Are the classes well defined and consistent?
3. Are the required metadata included?
4. Is the data properly licensed?
5. Is the data properly formatted?
A Guide for Collecting and Sharing Ground Reference Data for Machine
Learning Applications

19 Mar 2020

RDA Virtual Joint Session with Research Data in Engineering

Hi all
RDA Australia has done a fantastic job bootstrapping a virtual conference
. So our joint
session with research data in engineering is going ahead next Tuesday,
details below:
*Remote access registration:*
*Time:* Thursday 26 March 10-11:30am UTC
- 11am CET
- 6am EDT
- 3am PDT (sorry! Will be recorded)
- 9pm AEDT
*Agenda in Brief: *

18 Mar 2020

Re: [EXTERNAL] [dronedata][weldd] RDA Pleanry 15 [dronedata] WELDD Virtual plenary session:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
11:00 AM UTC is 04:00 PDT, and, as much as I love you all, I don't love you THAT much ...
Have a great meeting, looking forward to the outbriefs,
Don Sullivan
NASA Ames Research Center
Bldg N245, Rm 131a/MS 245-4
P.O. Box 1
Moffett Federal Airfield, CA 94035-0001
Office: +1 650 604 0526
Mobile: +1 650 714 9742
email: ***@***.***

18 Mar 2020

RDA Pleanry 15 [dronedata] WELDD Virtual plenary session:

Hello Everyone
We have secured a slot for the virtual plenary: please register and we are looking forward to catching up and moving things forward!
Here is the link to the virtual plenary programme, which lists our session:
Also, below is the information for registering.
You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: Mar 19, 2020 11:00 AM Universal Time UTC
Register in advance for this meeting:

12 Mar 2020

Australia Drone Data Meetings and COVID-19

Hi all
RDA has been canceled
, but we
don't want to loose all the preparation already done, and the momentum and
clear calendars already present. So we're working on a plan to host
virtual sessions, details and links will be announced in the next day or
two so look out for updates
Jane Wyngaard, PhD
Embedded Systems Engineer & Data Technologist
Center for Research Computing
University of Notre Dame

18 Feb 2020

Considering Drone Data Legal and Ethical issues in the US

Hi all,
Quick reminder for the webinar happening tomorrow as part of our build up
to P15. Join in the conversation and hear an overview of USA regulations
and privacy laws as they relate to drone use.
See you there, and share as widely as possible.
Webinar Link: