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Welcome to the official page of DK-RDA - the Danish national RDA node. The page is dedicated to the RDA-related activities, updates and events in Denmark.

The DK-RDA-node wants to:

  • Enhance knowledge about and use of RDA in Danish research communities
  • Support synergy and coordination between national activities and international activities on RDM, Open data, FAIR data and services etc.
  • Coordinate and support Danish researchers, data professionals etc. in RDA part taking

For more knowledge on DK-RDA-node contact the node coordinators (use contact information in the box on the right).

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Please share your own updates via the posts to the mailinglist or group calendar :-)


DeIC (Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation) has the formal responsibility for the node, but the work is carried out by dedicated members of the The National Forum for Research Data Management (DM Forum). The Danish National Archives has responsibility for project management.






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