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17 Apr 2018

Re: [data-fitness] RE: Session at RDA plenary meeting > Breakout 4 (Thursday...

thanks for this information.
With regard to the use of CTS, my concern here is that this is
certification of the container for the data, and thus is less relevant to
the data that people use. After all, the WG is not Assessment of Data
Repository Fitness for Use...
I'll have a look at the spreadsheet and see what useful comments I can make.
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28 Mar 2018

Re: [data-fitness] RE: Session at RDA plenary meeting > Breakout 4 (Thursday...

Dear Andrew, Helena, others,
The DANS FAIR data assessment tool is designed to be applicable by both groups (data custodians and data re-users), and perhaps also as a self assessment by the depositor, to see how FAIR his/her data are. But we are still working on a 2nd prototype,
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27 Mar 2018

RE: Session at RDA plenary meeting > Breakout 4 (Thursday 11am), Room A03

Dear all,
Thanks for the good discussion in Berlin last week.
The PowerPoint presentations can now be found on the session webpage:
Best wishes, Helena
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19 Mar 2018

Session at RDA plenary meeting > Breakout 4 (Thursday 11pm), Room A03

Dear all,
With this email we'd like to invite you to attend the Data Fitness session taking place at the RDA plenary meeting this week.
Mustapha Mokrane, Shelley Stall and Peter Doorn will provide updates on relevant work in the area of Data Fitness, which will be followed by a proposal for Data Fitness criteria and a discussion on governance.
The meeting agenda can be found below this email.
For those not attending the RDA plenary meeting, remote attendance is possible.
Best wishes,
Claire, Jon, Michael and Helena
Meeting agenda

29 Jan 2018

Data Fitness: webinar FAIR metrics on Wednesday the 31st of January

Dear all,
Several of you expressed interest in hearing more about the FAIR Metrics. Therefore, together with the FAIRsharing WG, we've organized the webinar 'Are we FAIR yet?'.
For more information and to register for the webinar, please go to
Best, Helena
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06 Dec 2017

For Info: Call for proposals for Plenary 11 closes on December 28

Dear group members,
I am your TAB liaison.
I want to remind you that the call for proposals closes on December 28.
More details at
I would encourage you to submit a proposal!
I will be on Annual Leave from December 15, but would be happy to work with
you on your proposal prior to this, if that would be useful.
​I hope to see you in Berlin!​
*Andrew Treloar *Director of Technology |

01 Dec 2017

WDS/RDA Data Fitness > presentation by Wade Bishop

Dear all,
The next Data Fitness call will take place on the 12th of December.
Wade Bishop will present the results of his project exploring the measurement of the FAIR principles to inform fitness for use.
We hope that many of you will be able to join.
RDA/WDS - Assessment of Data Fitness for Use
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can also dial in using your phone.