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Proposal for MoL IG meeting at Barcelona

by Lesley Wyborn

Dear all I am just back from the Christmas New Year break and realise that proposal for a session at Plenary 8 in Barcelona needs to be in by the 10 - i.e. In 4 days time. I have heavily edited the initial proposal mainly because it was a copy of the P8 BoF proposal and I felt we had moved on a bit, particularly after the meeting at AGU in December. I am trying to keep it to a page, but wow - you all had so many suggestions it got pretty hard to know what to put in, and whether the generalisations cover specific issues that people raised.
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Draft IG Charter template

by Lynn Yarmey

Hello Soon-to-be Mapping the Landscape IG (other other Title TBD)! Two docs to work on:  I have posted a draft Charter with some preliminary info to a google doc here: Draft P9 Session proposal:    
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